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One of my most prized crafty possessions are my collection of vintage craft books and magazines. Among that stash I have a hearty supply of old issues of Crafts n’ Things Magazine.

How excited was I to be included in the modern day version of the magazine so that one day in 30 years another crafter can have me in their collection! There is a fun section in the magazine called My Craft Space busting with pictures of various crafters studios and storage solutions. Naughty Secretary Club headquarters are among the pictures! Later in the same issue I have a Quick Creation called The Birds of Spring Necklace that might tickle your fancy. The whole magazine has everything from card making and jewelry to crochet and embroidery. Perfect for an ADD crafter like myself.

8 Responses to “Crafts n’ Things Magazine”

  1. julie

    Thank GAWD that craft room is so messy–er, “busy.”

    I feel so much better about myself now. Not because I’m cleaner, mind you, because I’m totally not…

  2. Catherine whidby

    Back in the nineties there was a pattern in the magazine it was Halloween you put it on a popping and pain in different Halloween things could that be found again please my great niece wants to mate 1

  3. Judy

    I am looking for a December 2002 Craft’nThing magazine. It has a Reindeer candle on the front called Rudy reindeer candle jar on page 40. My problem is I need the pattern for the reindeer ears and I found I longer have it. It is on page 51. If you have this magazine could I get the pattern only from you. Thanks

    • Jennifer

      Sorry Judy that magazine is stored away in my attic if I do have it. Have you tried eBay?

  4. Shirley NunesThornton

    Can I beg you to go to your attic and find the issue of Crafts n Things that has doll and her wooden bed which was white with pink trim on the cover… some where between 79 to81. I too have been a crafter since I was 12 and now am 84. I lost all my collection in a flood in 2000, and have been searching every web site since then, even the magazine site assistance..I would gladly buy the entire magazine.

    thank you so very much in advance,

    Shirley Nunes- Thornton


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