Couch Conundrum

I am so over the black leather sofas in my house. They seemed like a good idea when I got them, but now I just feel like they look like I stole them from Andrew Dice Clay’s house. Maybe it is the red walls, big black Ikea shelving or giant black entertainment center in the room that is adding to my hatred. I’m hoping to get the room painted white this fall so that should help a bit. However, I am still on the lookout for new couches and I am quite smitten on a few I have recently seen. I am kind of in love with this sofa by Austin’s own Spruce called Painting the Roses Red. Could I live with that pattern forever? Am I better going with a solid colored couch and lot’s of colorful throw pillows?

I spotted this claw footed bathtub couch by Ruff House Art on Handmaker of Things. I’m thinking the comfort level is low, but the cute level is way high. If you did the cushions in a weather proof material and put it on the patio it would be extra fabulous.

Why couldn’t I have a grandma with a couch like this to pass down to me? Why can’t I be the lucky one to get to the thrift store before that reseller to snag this couch first? Why can’t I get up early enough to go to estate sales and get the good stuff? So many questions… Thanks Bluebird Vintage for sharing the couch.

So here is an old picture of my black leather conundrum. Any home decor suggestions? Throw pillows don’t really stay on leather couches so that is out. Can you paint leather? Should I sell these bad boys on Craigs List and move on? With two small children and a 140lb dog should I stick with leather or brave fabric? I’m open to any and all suggestions

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  1. deb

    I'm lovin' the red and black….whats not on my fav list would be the green showing thru from the other room… me red and green only go together at xmas. 🙂 Wish i had an answer for you. I've never had leather couches….hubs hates leather couches. Can't wait to see what you come up with! Hugs!deb

  2. Shanna

    Maybe with the lighter walls and some light-color fun pillows, it could be better for a while…? Though I feel ya' on the leather couches. After a dog destroyed my huge blue velvet couches, I ended up with beige leather. They look OK, but they are hot and stick to me in the Texas summer and aren't comfy like the old ones at all…

  3. Barbe Saint John/ Saints and Sinners®

    I'd look into getting custom slipcovers made for them.

    Not the "throw over the whole thing" slip cover but one that is fitted and has velcro on the underside of the couch to hold it in place, and separate cushion covers. IKEA makes them like this for their sofas. When I had an Ikea couch I had someone make another cover for me because I didn't like their limited

  4. Elaine Elwick Barr

    Could you mix up the cushions on the couches, like where you sit? Add a punch of color or a pattern..I'm seeing stripes..:)

    good luck with that! My hubs and I are on year 16 with the couch we bought when we first moved in together..I don't think that dinosaur will ever die!:)

  5. Fredda Perkins

    I think you should try slipcovers athough I'm not sure how well they would stay on the slick leather. But even with another sofa, slipcovers that can be washed are a great option with children and dogs. I would also get two chairs rather than a love seat. Chairs would allow for more flexible arrangements.

  6. emarci

    Being the nonconformist in your group with two children aged 24 & 21 and a DH who likes to watch tv, I would have to say that the couches you have now are perfect for your family – we had a white leather couch and loveseat that my inlaws left to us and we abused the heck out of it and it held up so well-except for the ugly dirt brown the leather turned from use. I think the suggestion to get

  7. giddy girlie

    My 2 cents: we have cats and all of our furniture is WELL lived-in. I use my couch as my crafting area and it's also the family sofa the rest of the time, so it sees it's fair share of abuse. That's why I stick with fabric furniture (vs leather). We have couches from Ikea which were very reasonably priced and I made slipcovers myself. As someone previously mentioned, slip covers are

  8. Lisa

    I would check in to pricing out having the couches completely recovered with a heavy duty plain jane fabric, and use slip covers.

    I had an old super ugly, nasty ugly leather couch and found a small Mom Pop shop that recovered couch and 3 chairs for 400 bucks and talked my lovely Mom in to making me a few slip covers.

  9. Thrift Store Decor

    I suggest just covering the bottom seat cushions with funky fabric will keeping the backs and arms leather. It's a good way to break up all the dark color.

  10. jungle dream pagoda

    I am a former black leather couch owner myself….had it for a billion years it seems. I ended up exactly where you are… feeling it was too bachelor-y and too much of a black energy sucking hole!
    On the plus side leather looks better as it ages(why I kept hanging on for sooooo long)and I definitely think it is good for children.
    I ended up buying a nice but not "nice forever&quot

  11. laura@charcoaldesigns

    The hubs and I have two Ikea Futons. I got them because the covers are removable and can be easily washed (with our many pets this is helpful), also like traditional Futons they fold down to form a (comfortable) bed which is great for company. Now my living room and workroom are instant guest rooms! The best part is we found them on craigslist at a fraction of the retail price! Good luck in your

  12. Candace

    I would keep an eye on craigslist and also Room Service Vintage for a nice 60s/70s granny couch…they're the most comfortable! We bought a striped (but not too busy of a pattern) one from Room Service a couple years ago and it's holding up well with 2 large dogs who love to sleep on it. That way you're only spending 200-300 bucks and don't feel too bad about it getting some


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