Convert a Cake Stand Into a Terrarium


I caved to social media peer pressure.  I saw the adorable Oh Joy! line at Target and loved it, but didn’t buy it.  I came home and it seemed every other post on Pinterest or Instagram was a picture of someone’s haul of sherbet colored loot.  I suddenly felt a little panic stricken – what if they run out?  What if I don’t get that mint green cake stand I have absolutely no need for but love?  What if?  The next day I ran out and grabbed the cake stand (maybe some cups and plates too).  Now what was I going to do with this beauty?  Not bake a cake.


I didn’t think I could love my cake stand more than I already did, but never under estimate the power of neon pink aquarium gravel and pom pom fringe.  Pop over to I Love to Create (sponsored) and read the entire tutorial for how I made tiger terrarium magic out of a cake stand.

P.S. This is a sponsored post by I Love to Create but all the opinions, kitsch and ideas are mine.

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    • Jennifer

      Hi Maria,

      I found the light at the Round Top flea market last year. How could I leave behind a colorful, handmade, vintage swag lamp shaped like a teepee. I had an electrician hardwire it into the ceiling. It is kind of one of m favorite things ever. It was super dirty, but with a little TLC it looks perfect in the room.


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