Colorful DIY Dollar Spot Beanie Christmas Ornaments

Everyone loves the Dollar Spot at Target – how can you not.  Some of us might love it too much (no comment).  When I spotted green and hot pink beanies I knew they were destined for bigger things besides someone’s head.  Yup, I cut those Dollar Spot beanies up and made them into DIY Christmas ornaments.

DIY pink Christmas ornament made with a beanie

I could not be more excited with how these ornaments came out.  When you decorate a purple tree you sometimes have to make your own matching Christmas ornaments.  Sure, these beanies were cute as a hat but I’m here to tell you they are even cuter as DIY Christmas ornaments.

Lavender Christmas tree with DIY stocking cap ornaments

DIY Dollar Spot Beanie Christmas Ornaments

Boom – there she is in all her glory complete with beanie ornaments.  Did I mention how easy these ornaments are to make?  Yup, added bonus!

Before we go there, wanna know how to make some of the other things in this picture?  Sure you do!

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Cut up beanies for DIY ornaments

Supplies for DIY Beanie Ornaments 

  • Loose knit beanies
  • Pompom
  • Scissors
  • Sparkly ornament
  • Trim
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue

The thrift store is another great place to look for beanies.  Old sweaters work great too!

gluing sweater beanie to ornament diy

Step 1 – Cut Up Beanies

Each beanie made about 3 ornaments.  Cut up hats into sections large enough to wrap around ornaments.  Use hot glue to attach.

Gluing decorative trim on DIY sweater ornament

Step 2 – Add Decorative Trim to Ornaments

Use decorative ribbon and trim to cover raw edges of ornaments.  Attach with hot glue.  I prefer the look of layers and more trim is always better.

green christmas ornament on a purple tree

Step 3 – Put a Pompom On It

Because everything is better with a pompom on it, including DIY beanie ornaments for your Christmas tree.  Make your own pompom to match your tree or buy some readymade.

Colorful purple kitschmas tree with diy neon ornaments

Step 4 – Cover Your Purple Christmas Tree With Your New DIY Ornaments

Stand back and bask in the colorful glory.  That was easy wasn’t it?  I told you so.  Who knew a dumb hat could look so good as a DIY Christmas ornament.  Never underestimate the power of the Dollar Spot.

Ornaments made from dollar spot knit beanies.

Whatcha think?  Would you hang these cuties on your Christmas tree?  Remember the beanies you choose do not have to be in neon colors.  It’s just a lot more fun if they are!

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