Color Blocked Halloween Cupcake Picks – Guest Post from A Kailo Chic Life

How to Make Halloween Cupcake picks.

Hi everyone! I’m Kara of A Kailo Chic Life and I am so excited to be guest posting for Jennifer (aka The Queen of Halloween). I have known Jennifer for close to 10 years now and recently dove into this whole craft blog world. She has been so helpful and supportive of me and I am honored to have been asked to share my color blocked Halloween cupcake picks with you!

Boo Pics - eek

After I decided on the words I wanted to use, I go to work painting them. I used acrylic paint in black, orange, and neon green, because…you know… HALLOWEEN!


I taped off a portion of the letter using painters tape at various angles because I wanted to give these picks a color blocked effect with a portion of the wood showing. I then painted the other portion of the letter with the acrylic paint and let dry.


Once I had my letters painted, it was time to turn them into picks. I used Halloween paper straws that I cut down into 3″ pieces and hot glue to affix the straws to the backs of the letters.

Boo Pics - all

All that was left was to bake some pretty sprinkle cupcakes to display my color blocked Halloween picks in style.


Aren’t they cute! The great thing is that they are really simple to make and would look great on any baked goods (store bought or homemade). Such an easy way to dress up the food for your Halloween party.


Thank you so much to Jennifer for having me guest post today and if you like this craft, head on over to my blog for more Halloween goodness. Because you can never have too much craft inspiration!

No THANK YOU KARA!  Everything Kara does is amazing.  Her blog A Kailo Chic life is one of my favorites, her line of handbags are amazing and her parties are something I look forward to every year.  Be sure to follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest!


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