Creepy Clay Witch Hand Vases

Just because it is Halloween does not mean I am throwing out all my houseplants or not buying fresh flowers all season long.  Quite the contrary, I just make my own DIY creepy clay witch hand vase to hold said plants.  Bonus points for using beakers or other graduated chemistry cylinders instead of plain vases.

Now let’s learn how to put the BOO in bouquet shall we!

Beaker full of flowers with a clay witch hand wrapped around it.

Like most things I create these DIY air-dry clay witch hand planters are E-A-S-Y to make.  I’m not a fan of overly complicated crafts and these adorable examples of Halloween horticulture are no exception.   I even used Crayola brand kids clay if that gives you any idea about how ‘complicated’ these guys are.

These creepy clay vases are a Halloween spin on a Mother’s Day project I made for an episode of DIY This With Jennifer Perkins.  Both use kid hands, both hold flowers just one is marbled and one looks like a witch hand.

Funny what neon green clay and pointy red fingernails can do to make a clay hand creepy! 

Halloween decorations with vintage masks and a beaker vase

See what I mean – with the right DIY vase or planter even wildflowers picked at the park can fit in perfectly with all your Halloween decorations.

Wanna make your own?  Sure you do!  Keep reading, I’ll give you the deets.

Beaker, clay and hand craft supplies

Supplies for DIY Clay Witch Hand Vases

  • Green air dry clay
  • Red air dry clay
  • Clay Roller
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Craft knife
  • Beaker

Get more tips and tricks for this project over on the DIY Network with my Children’s Keepsake: Clay Handprint Bouquet Vases.

Kid's hand being traced with pencil

Trace Hand on Paper

Smaller kid sized hands work better for this project since they are the perfect size for fitting around vases, test tubes and in this case beakers.  Trace the hand on paper and cut out to use as a pattern.

Traced clay hand being cut out with craft knife

Creepy Clay Witch Hands

Roll out green air dry clay.  Place paper hand pattern on top of clay.  If you think you can free hand a creepy witch hand more power to you.

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Green hand made from clay

Cut Out Clay Witch Hands

Using a craft knife cut out the hand.  If necessary go over any rough edges with your fingers to smooth.  However, don’t forget these are witch hands so they should not be silky smooth or anything.

red clay fingernails for witch hands

Don’t Forget Those Press On Nails

Using red air dry clay make tear drop shaped fingernails.  Gently press into the nail beds of the green witch hand to attach the pieces of clay.

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Beaker full of flowers with DIY clay witch hand holding it.

Wrap The Witch Hands Around The Beaker

While the clay is still malleable wrap around the vase or beaker like it is a clay witch hand grabbing the container.  Press down slightly to make sure there is good contact between the clay and the vase.

Allow to dry over night.  Feel free to cover with a shiny top coat or just leave plain.  This DIY creepy clay witch hand vase looks amaze either way.

Creepy clay Halloween beaker vases

Fill with flowers, add dirt and a plant or put your pencils inside.  I’m thinking I might make a clunky man hand Frankenstein version next!  Love to hear what kind of creepy clay hand you think you will make.


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