Create More Outdoor Seating With a DIY Cinderblock Bench

Like most of us that love entertaining I was in the market for some extra outdoor seating.  I of course decided to make my own and this spiffy new DIY cinderblock bench was born.  I had a ton of bricks left from my umbrella weight planter so an easy stacked concrete block bench seemed perfect.

DIY patio bench made from blocks.

Did I mention that making your own outdoor cinderblock bench is really cheap and easy?  I didn’t say it wasn’t heavy, but it costs a lot less than new outdoor furniture.  

To get extra fancy I covered my DIY patio bench with outdoor mats.  I love the way it gives everything a bit of color.  PLUS it ties in to the backyard bohemian paradise theme I have going on the other side of the patio giving everything one cohesive poolside look.

Create More Outdoor Seating With a DIY Cinderblock Bench

Video Tour of DIY Outdoor Concrete Brick Bench

Check out this episode of DIY This With Jennifer Perkins I hosted for DIY Network where I give you the full tour of my cute concrete bench and explain a bit about how I made the whole thing.  Keep reading for more!

cinderblocks lined up on a patio to form the base of a bench.

Step 1 Make a Row of Cinderblocks

The first step in making your new DIY patio bench is laying out the shape.  How many bricks you need will depend on how big you want the bench.  Determine the length and ask yourself questions like: will it have arm rests, will there be a back and will it have to sections like mine?

second level of cinderblocks to raise patio bench.

Step 2 Stack Bricks to Form Outdoor Bench

Your DIY patio bench probably needs to be at least two cinderblocks high for comfortable seating.  Otherwise it will be too low for most adults.  Double stack the blocks.  If you want to add industrial glue to attach the cinderblocks to each other you can but mine have stayed in place for over a year without crushing any toes.

Adhesives for attaching outdoor mat to cinderblock bench.

Step 3 Gather Materials for Covering Outdoor Bench

Gather up adhesives that will work outdoors like Gorilla Glue.  You will also need outdoor fabric or outdoor beach mats.  Remember in the heat and elements almost nothing besides the cinderblocks will last forever but they will look cute for an entire summer.

Wrapping cinderblock bench in outdoor mat.

Step 4 Tuck The Outdoor Mat Under the Blocks

Just like you were folding a present start by sticking part of the mat underneath the top row of cinderblocks.  From here apply your adhesive (folding alone might work depending on the material you are using to cover) and stick  the mat to the cinderblocks.

DIY outdoor cinderblock bench covered in mats with a corner intersection.

Step 5 – Cover Your Cinderblock Bench 

Your new outdoor seating is starting to look pretty amazing.  Cover as much or as little as you like.  I wanted to leave a bit of my cinderblock bench exposed so I only covered the top level of bricks with the outdoor mats.  You could also add outdoor throw pillows for a bit more cushion.

Triple stacked cinderblocks to form arm rests for DIY bench.

Step 6 Give Your Cinderblock Bench Arm Rests

A third brick on each end gives a more finished look to your patio bench.  Plus these extra cinderblocks are somewhere people can rest their drinks or hot dogs.  

DIY patio bench covered in outdoor mats.

Step 7 – Styling Your Concrete Patio Bench

Have fun with the exposed holes in the cinderblocks.  You could always make the arm rests double as cinderblock planters.  Just stick a few trailing plants inside the holes.  Book end with some container plants and you are ready to entertain.

Outdoor bench made from cinderblocks

PRESTO – More DIY Outdoor Seating!

The bench even looks great plain without a covering.  The extra outdoor seating came in very handy when I threw a summer pool party that the mom’s and kids loved.

Looking for even more patio and porch upgrades?  Be sure to check out How to Make Outdoor Slipcovers From Beach Towels.

Outdoor DIY patio bench made from cinderblock bricks.

This new cinderblock bench added at least 6 more spaces of outdoor seating to that end of my patio.  I love that there is no back so that people can sit and face the table or they can face the yard where the pool and trampoline are.  I’m thinking in the winter I will move the table back and instead put a fire pit for outdoor s’mores!

It might be cold when you are reading this but don’t forget to pin it for later!  You will thank me come spring and summer.

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  1. Ann

    What a fun project, it came out so cute. I’d luv to invite you to share it with us at Wall to Wall DIY Wednesday, which runs thru Monday! Best, Ann

  2. "Luke"

    I say: good girl, good go’in, good look’in , water proof ( Oregon ). project..might ad: sometimes blocks available at “habitat” or other recycled product “stores”..cheers….


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