10 Ways to Incorporate Vintage Christmas Blow Molds Into Your Holiday Decor

Blow molds are a staple of vintage holiday decor.  Before there were inflatables and laser projects for yards people decorated with these hard plastic statues of Santa and Snowmen.  Originally used primarily outside take a peek at how I use my collection of vintage Christmas blow molds inside.

Christmas mantle full of vintage Santa blow molds by Jennifer Perkins

Right over the fireplace first thing you see when you walk in my door is Santa.  Or shall I say Santa(s).  I scored this huge blow mold at the Round Top Flea Market this year in one of my favorite booths FULL of blow molds. The two standing Santas were thrift store scores.

Vintage drummer boy blow molds for Christmas.

Pa-rump-a-pum-pah – yup I have not one, but two little drummer boys in my dining room.  They just look so cute flanking my shadow box how could I not.  Wanna make your own Tin Can Table Top Tree – pop over to DIY Network to learn more.

Colorful kitschmas tree forest with blow molds by Jennifer Perkins

Don’t be afraid to create a fun forest mixing up blow molds, tinsel and even wood table top trees.  As they say the more the merrier and that goes double when you are talking about Christmas trees!

Vintage pencil Santa blow molds

This adorable pencil Santa is another recent score.  He fits right in around these parts.  Plus I think he has a crush on the little soldier next to him.

Kitschy yellow Christmas tree and vintage Santa blow-mold by Jennifer Perkins

Did you catch my Colorful Christmas Home Tour on DIY This With Jennifer Perkins.  You can get video action of this little Santa blow mold and more.

Pink Christmas tree and styled Kitschmas etagere by Jennifer Perkins

Did you know you can paint blow molds?  True story.  When these angel wings did not work with all the colors in this vignette I took matters and a bottle of acrylic paint into my own hands.

Shadow box full of vintage blow molds and Santa toys by Jennifer Perkins

I’ve had this trusty shadowbox for almost 20 years.  I love it and switch out what goes inside constantly with the seasons.  The diamond and triangular shelves are perfect for displaying my smaller blow molds and figurines.

How to make a felted wool ball garland by Jennifer Perkins

This little snowman may be fading, which can be a problem since as I mentioned many of these stayed outside, but I still love him nestled in with my art supplies.  Learn how to make your own DIY Felted Bead Garland like this one.

Collection of vintage Christmas blow molds by Jennifer Perkins

Carolers, snowmen and Santa blow molds are hanging out on top of my China cabinet (that never holds China).  Surrounded by brand new tinsel trees of a sea of vintage holiday kitsch – blow molds always work with holiday decor.  Oh by the way did you see the post on How to Incorporate Your House Plants Into Your Holiday Decor?

Bookshelves styled for Christmas by Jennifer Perkins

I might be one of those people that switches out the books in my built-ins so that the spines match my holiday decor.  I said might.  I’m not admitting anything.

So will you be keeping your blow molds strictly in the lawn after this?  It can get cold and wet out there.  Hopefully I’ve convinced you to bring a few of these friends inside!


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