Chic Pendant Lamp DIY (psssst… it used to be an Easter egg)

How to make a pendant lamp from a jumbo Easter egg.

This chic lamp started life as a jumbo sized hot pink plastic Easter egg.  Don’t believe me?  I have the full tutorial for how to make your own over on the DIY Network.  My only regret is not buying more of those eggs when they went on clearance after Easter.  Enough about the lamp, let’s talk about everything else in the picture.

Embellished pots with air dry clay.

Ever play with air-dry clay?  You should.  It’s totally cheap, fun and easy to work with.  You can embellish pre-existing pots or use a slab or could method and make your own planter.  I have two different tutorials – Air Dry Clay Halloween Planters and Air Dry Clay Face Pots.

Artwork by Jennifer Perkins

Did you know that sometimes I fancy myself an artist.  This blue babe is a piece I recently did in a workshop here in Austin.  She is not yet in the Jennifer Perkins Art Etsy store, but one day might be.

How to make a geometric vase.

Last, but far from least, you can even make your own version of this black and white vase.  Over on BlogHer I share my tutorial for Rope Coiled Geometric Vases.  I love this sticker resist technique.  You might recognize from the tutorial I shared for the other half of the jumbo Easter egg – the Hanging Bullet Planter.

I have 9 more fun ideas of what to do with your leftover Easter eggs on DIY Network, including the full tutorial for the pendant lamp.  Love to know what fun things you do with your leftover plastic eggs.  I still have bags full!

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