Catch a Tiger Collection by the Tail

I promised to slowly, but surely reveal all of my collections to you. Today is all about my love of all things tiger. Heck I have a hot pink and green tiger tattoo on my arm, you know I’m a fan.

I know you guys all think my rubber faced dolls are creepy, but I love them. This one was my mom’s when she was a teenager. Her high School team was the Troup Tigers.

I’m trying to start Tallulah out on the love of tigers early with this picture above her bed. Check out the rest of her nursery here.

Right you when you walk in my front door not only are you greeted by poodles in bow-ties, but also by a smiling tiger.

I even have tiger themed items in my wardrobe, lot’s of them actually. Check out how to make your own El Tigre Hoodie here.

When I saw MIA wearing these tiger striped Converse in the video for “Paper Planes” I too had to own a pair.

A pair of bootyliscious saber tooth tigers stand guard on the north wall of my living room.

One of my favorite necklaces I have made in forever was adorned in tiger art by my sister Hope Perkins. Check out how to make your own here.

If a donkey and a tiger had a baby.

I have not one, but two tiger pillows in my possession. This cutie lives on the bed in my spare bedroom.

Pillow number two is an embroidered fellow from Vietnam that lives in my game room.

Also in my living room hangs a picture that used to be in my grandmother’s dining room. My dad sent it to her from Hawaii when he was stationed in the army there.

I heart tigers so much I even burned a screen with one on my Yudu.

The south wall of my living room has a couple of tigers high up on a book shelf.

There you have it, a glimpse inside my tiger world. I leave you with a fcouple past blog posts that I think are pretty grrrreat!

Animals in the Army.

Go Fly a Kite.

Know of any other fabulous tiger goodies out there I need to add to my collection?

5 Responses to “Catch a Tiger Collection by the Tail”

  1. karly / design crisis

    saber tooth tiger will always be my forever favorite.

    I just love how sinister that children's toy is, they would never let that in baby's r us today.

    You best sleep with one eye open, missy.


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