Buy Handmade

A couple of weeks ago I was chatting with Matt at Etsy about his trip to Austin for Stitch and he mentioned he wanted to talk to me about a new and exciting project he was whipping up called Buy Handmade. I immediately loved the sound of that and said sure give me a call. Matt explained that he and some other crafty companies were putting together a new website where people could pledge to buy and give handmade gifts for the holiday season. He wanted to know if the Austin Craft Mafia wanted to get in on the ground floor as a sponsor. I asked the ladies and went back to Matt with a resounding YES! The Austin Craft Mafia is all about the handmade and we are so excited and proud to be a part of this fun new website. You sign the pledge like a petition about buying and giving handmade gifts and then you can add the little “I Took the Handmade Pledge” logo to your website or blog. Last night when I checked out the website there was 36 people signed and now there are 451 signatures! Word is spreading like wildfire so head on over and take the pledge.

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