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What crafty lady has not thought of starting a crafty business of their own at one time or another? With places like Etsy making it so easy and gas prices always climbing who couldn’t use a little extra pocket change. Starting your business, marketing your business and knowing what to do when your business is a success can be tricky. That’s why I am teaching a 3 part series at Austin’s Craft-o-Rama in July to help talk you through it. You can sign up for all 3 classes for a reduced rate ($72) or take just the classes that suit you best ($30 each). As a super special extra bonus I will have some free copies of Craft Inc. to give away to a few lucky students! Here are the class descriptions, you can sign up online by clicking the links, call Craft-O-Rama, Stop in anytime or the day of the class.

Starting Your Small Business
Tuesday July 1st 7PM-8:30PM

Did you know you could have your own craft business up and running in under an hour? Signing up for Etsy is that easy. Or do you think a traditional website is the right angle for you? May take a little longer, but it is not a whole lot trickier. Once you have your business all set up the next steps are letting the world know, networking and making some sales. This 1.5 hour long class will you give the run down on getting started! Fee: $30

Marketing Your Business
Tuesday July 7th 7PM-8:30PM

The success of your business is 40% what you make and 60% how you market it. Not yet signed up for Twitter? Don’t have a blog? Not swapping swag with other crafters? You could be missing out on easy, crucial and often free ways to promote your crafty business. Whether you knit booties or solder jewelry this class will help you understand the best avenues to market your small business. Fee: $30

Taking Your Business to the Next Level
Tuesday July 15th 7PM-8:30PM

Things are running along smoothly with your small crafty business, but you want to know what else the world has to offer. How do people get product lines, book deals and TV shows? There is no secret formula, but Jennifer Perkins has experience in all three areas and will tell you what she knows. Fee: $30

If you don’t live in Austin I leave you with a few juicy links about starting your own business.

Average Jane Crafter – Rachel has put together an amazing list of online resources for the small crafty business owner/
The Boss of You – the authors of the book also keep a blog with great advice.
Bringing Home the Crafty Bacon – Listen to Craft, Rock, Love Podcast I did with Vickie Howell
Naughty Secretary Club – From Time to Time here on the blog I write an article about business or marketing.
Crafting a Business – My buddy Jenny Hart writes an amazingly informative regular column for Venus Zine.

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