Bunnies & Booze – Decorating for Easter at my House

I thought I would kick off Easter week with a peeksie around my digs. I have acquired a few new bunnies since last year, but my most prized possession is a new Easter wreath. If you thought the Christmas wreaths my mother makes were fabulous feast your eyes on this bad boy. Did I mention that it lights up. Oh ya it does.

It’s hard to pick a favorite part of the wreath, but I gotta say I’m leaning towards the bunny in bifocals. Was she having troubles finding her carrots, why does she need glasses?

Every time we sit down at the kitchen table we have my bunny collection smiling at us. Well ok we don’t eat at the kitchen table very often these days (I have a newborn give me a break).

More bunnies and a few chicks sit atop the bar in my game room. I like the irony of the chipper chicks & crew hanging out at the bar – booze and bunnies.

Lastly I realized there is a little bunny that hangs above my kitchen sink to remind me of Easter all year long.

Did you do any Easter decorating this year?

9 Responses to “Bunnies & Booze – Decorating for Easter at my House”

  1. Saundra

    I love the bunny with glasses, too (gee, I wonder why?), but I <3<3<3 the long-lashed duckie (chick?) in the egg! Sooo cute!

  2. jungle dream pagoda

    Oh WOW !!!! I love that wreath!!!!
    Your mom is so clever…the apple never falls far from the tree!

    I have the plastic bunny girl with glasses in pink!!…and I have that little blue ducky bowl…..I gotta get to postin' my decor…or actually re-arranging…don't like what I have done just yet!!

  3. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    I lerve my new wreath too. My dream is to have a Halloween one as well. The problem is that most holidays besides Christmas have very few trinkets and when you do find them they are crazy expensive.

    I gotta say I was not totally happy with my arrangement of bunnies this year. I had to throw it up in a hurry between feeding the baby and toddler naps.

    I agree the chick in

  4. jen @ hell razor

    Wow your bunny collection is creepy awesome. Love them. And, I think I have the same round scalloped plastic Easter dish (it had a woolworth's tag on it when I found it at Goodwill). I think I paid 50 cents. Steal!

  5. Betsy's Closet

    Love the bunny wreath!

    A couple years ago I made a Halloween wreath and it was fairly easy. Michaels (I think) had the black wreath base and I added a giant orange bow, cobwebs, and cut the back off of a bunch of spider rings (orange and black). It looks great (if I do say so myself). It cost probably less than $10 to make. We've moved twice in the last year so I'm not sure

  6. beadgirl

    I love the wreath, it reminds me of a Christmas wreath I made for myself covered in green doodads, beads, toys, etc. I'm going to have to start acquiring easter doodads.


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