October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Halloween is not the only thing special about October, it is also Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Ladies, are you going to your regular annual exams?  Doing those checks regularly?  I can’t stress the importance of early detection enough.  To raise awareness I’ve decorated a Breast Cancer Awareness Wreath.

Please note this is a sponsored post by Treetopia.  I am their brand ambassador, but all opinions are my own.

Breast cancer awareness wreath

This is my second time decorating a Breast Cancer Awareness wreath for Treetopia.  It is such an important topic it deserves two wreaths!  Please check out the Susan G. Komen foundation for more information and also donation opportunities.

Supplies for making a wreath


  • Large sticker letters
  • 5 varieties of pink fabric
  • 5 small embroidery hoops
  • 7 hot pink pompoms
  • 2 small faux pumpkins
  • Skin toned paint
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun
  • 1 Hot Pink Treetopia Wreath
Pink fabric stretched in embroidery hoops

Using a mix of pink fabrics stretch them inside 5 embroidery hoops.  I found a bandana with the iconic breast cancer awareness pink ribbon.  If you can’t find pink hoops you can always paint wood ones.

The word fight written out in embroidery hoops

Once the fabric is stretched inside the embroidery hoops trim off any excess.  Add large stickers to say ‘FIGHT’ or any other meaningful pink power slogan.

The letter F in a pink embroidery hoop

Add a pompom to cover the hardware of the embroidery hoop.  Using hot glue attach the word to the wreath.

Pink wreath that says Fight.

Pumpkins are optional 😉

Treetopia Pink Power

Be sure to check out A Kailo Chic Life tomorrow where my friend and co-brand ambassador for Treetopia Kara Whitten shares her wreath.  More wreaths mean more exposure and more awareness because there can never be too much of that.

Pink wreath for breast cancer awareness that says fight

Hoping this wreath reminds you to schedule your exam if you are over 40, remind a friend, call you mom!  We are strong and will continue to fight and raise breast cancer awareness one hot pink wreath at a time.



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