Bring the Boho Vibes With These Handmade Rope Bowls

Trendy boho rope bowls are everywhere and for good reason, they are adorable.  Guess what?  You can make your own DIY rope baskets in no time.  Coiled cotton rope is wrapped in neon yarn – handmade home decor never looked better.  Plus raise your hand if you are always loosing your keys and phone?  I know I need something cute to put my the door to throw everything in.

Bring the Boho Vibes With These Handmade Rope Bowls

Once you get the basic idea for making these coiled dishes you can try tons of other styles and projects.  Cotton clothesline cording is ridiculously great for a ton of amazing crafts, not just making boho rope bowls.  I don’t know why anyone would waste this stuff on laundry!

A Few of My Favorite Cotton Clothesline Crafts

Easy DIY Way to Make Trendy Neon Coiled Rope Baskets

Supplies for Making DIY Rope Bowls

– Tacky glue
– Scissors
– Cotton clothesline
– Thrifted clear plastic bowl or dish
– Neon yarn
Easy DIY Neon Coiled Rope Baskets

Step 1 – Wrap Yarn Around Cotton Laundry Cord

Start by wrapping the cotton laundry cord with yarn.  This is easiest when you do one small section at a time and anchor with hot glue.  This is where you can really get creative – will you use one color, variegated or textured yarn?  Spice it up people!
In a hot second you will wrap and coil at the same time.  You can do it, I believe in you!
Easy DIY Neon Coiled Rope Baskets

Step 2 – Paint the Clear Plastic Dish with Glue

The base for your dish/bowl is a clear plastic serving dish.  Sure you can get them new, but I always see them at the thrift store and who does not want an excuse to go thrifting.
Using a glue like Tacky Glue coat the plastic thrift store dish with a sponge brush.  You don’t want to use hot glue because it will dry to quickly.  If you use craft glue you have a little more flexibility with movement of the cording. 

Step 3 – Coil Cotton Laundry Line Inside Glue Covered Dish

Starting at the center of the dish begin coiling the laundry cording. Continue to wrap the neon thread around the cotton laundry line as you go.  Do this until you have covered the entire dish. Use clothespins to help hold your clothesline in place along the edges as the glue dries.
Easy DIY Neon Coiled Rope Baskets

Step 4 – Everything is Better With Pompoms Including Coiled Rope Bowls

Pompoms cover all imperfections in crafts and make everything better.  If the edges of your rope dish look a little rough, just put a pompom on it.  Le duh!
Choose a yarn to make your pompoms.  Colorful variegated yarn works well.  You can also use readymade pompoms if you want.  I won’t tell anyone.
Need help making a pompom? Check out 8 Videos to Teach You How to Make a Pompom.
Easy DIY Neon Coiled Rope Baskets

Step 5 – Make 700 More To Give As a Gifts

I told you that was easy.  Would I lie to you?  Plus they are really cute.  Need a hostess gift?  DONE!  Can’t afford another trip to Home Goods for trendy Boho decor.  DONE!  Don’t need any excuses to craft?  DONE!

DIY This With Jennifer Perkins – Cute Coiled Rope Bowls

Are you the type of crafter that prefers a video?  Well don’t you worry your pretty little head, I’ve got one!  Every Thursday I am LIVE on the DIY Network Facebook page getting crafty.  Hope to see you soon hanging out with me on an episode of DIY This With Jennifer Perkins.  I make fun stuff like coiled rope bowls.

How to make your own DIY coiled rope dishes by Jennifer Perkins
So whatcha think?  Can you hardly wait to make your own?  I know, that is why I have several around my house!  

Want even more!  Ya you do, let’s hang out and be crafty BFFS.

Plus I have a brand new website and podcast coming soon called Creative Queso!


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  1. Jann Olson

    My grands would love these bowls. So colorful and festive! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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