Boho Face Planter DIY with Air Dry Clay


I love ceramics and pottery.  Add it to my never ending list of crafts I want to conquer (I did take a 6 week class in hand building).  The idea of a kiln, wheel or renting studio space seems a little daunting.  All I want are some terra cotta face pots to call my very own and make from the comfort of my craft table.  Is that too much to ask?  Turns out it’s not.

This week on Facebook I filmed an entire video talking about the different ways you can make your own Boho Face Planters without any technical ceramic tools, just air dry clay from the craft store!  I know crazy right.  I feel like I’m channeling my inner hippie and my house is looking more jungalow-rific by the pot!


In the video I discuss a couple of different methods for working with air-dry clay.  The first method is treating a ready-made terra cotta pot like a Mr. Potato Head toy.  You sculpt the features for your pot, allow them to dry and then glue on.  I discuss this method in more detail on the I Love to Create blog (sponsored post).  I have also done some fun Halloween Horticulture using this method.


My preferred method is covering a pot in air-dry clay and sculpting on top of it.  You cover an entire pot (I often use degradable seed starter pots) in clay and with a slip (combo of clay and water) build out features.  This method gives me the effect I like the best.


The last method I discuss in the video is how to make your own face pot from scratch using the coiling method.  Coiling is like making a snake with clay that you then coil into a pot shape.  From there you add features.  I recommend the Mr. Potato Head method after the coiled pot has dried and hardened.

So many options which one will you choose?  Have you played with air-dry clay before?  It is such a fun and easy method for getting the look of these awesome planters I’m kinda hooked.  Remember the giveaway mentioned in the video is for Facebook and the prizes were generously supplied by Polyform Products.


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