Beard for a Day Mug


Just because you were not born a redhead does not mean you can’t pretend to be one.  As a matter of fact you can be a blonde, brunette or raven facial haired stallion.  You are just a Sharpie marker way from having the facial hair of your dreams every morning as you drink your coffee.


White mug
Oil-based Sharpie marker

Pinterest fail, after a Pinterest fail picture taught me this lesson: use an OIL-BASED Sharpie Marker.

Luckily, oil-based Sharpie Markers are easy to find and come in any color of the rainbow – including orange.  I’m debating a rainbow stache on my next mug.  Seriously, it could be awesome.


Draw the outline of a beard on your mug (or mustache). You want the size to be to scale. Also you want the placement of the beard on the mug to be that it gives the illusion that the person drinking from said mug has a beard.

Once you have your outline, color in the beard. Feel free to make the beard curly, scraggly, patchy. It’s your beard, do whatcha you wanna do.

Next, bake your mug at 350 for 30 minutes. This sets the paint in place so that it will not wash off.  I might still hand wash your mug.

Drink from your new mug.  Let your giant dog drink from your new mug.  Take your new mug to work and make your co-workers pea green with envy.  That was fun.  Let’s make another one.

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