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Whoa you need to shake a tail feather if you want to take advantage of our super duper, holy macramé are you serious, secretaries day sale going on at Naughty Secretary Club. Today is the very last day that you can enter the word SECRETARY into the voucher field and receive 30% off your order. That’s right, I said 30% we upped the ante for the last 3 days of the sale because we are crazy like that! Not only that we have been keeping good to our word and adding new goodies all week long. This weekend we added a whole new section called Les Classiques.

Les Classiques are a new section for Naughty Secretary Club I have been thinking about for quite some time. I love collecting vintage costume jewelry and sometimes the pieces are just too pretty or fantastical for me to tear up and make into pieces of revamped vintage jewelry. That being the case I decided to add a new section to the website where I bringing you straight up vintage costume jewelry. Naughty Secretary Club has not tweaked, tricked out or transformed these pieces in any way shape or form. Some of the pieces are quite collectible and signed Napier and Miriam Haskell. Right now we just have Les Classiques Necklaces but eventually we will have earrings, rings, bracelets even purses and belts. Oh wait until you see the vintage copper Native American belt I just got for the store! We are quite smitten on the new section and hope that you are too. We love going to the antique mall and flea market and sifting through everything so that you don’t have to.

It’s the weekend and that means time for baubles and beads. This week we are spicing things up with pictures from the new Les Classiques section of course! Don’t forget at the end there are 5 random links that we thought you might enjoy! Jewelry Making
Are your wire loops perfect? Why not? What the heck is wrong with you!?

Art Bead Scene
Economy Gone Bad? Read ABS Editor Cindy Gimbrone’s series Beading on a Budget to keep you beading in style!

Earthenwood Studio Chronicles
Melanie’s Studio Tour continues with a look at the skeletons in her craft closet, and in a new magazine!

Jewelry & Beading
Cyndi has been working on her wire skills, and she’s collected her favorite sites for learning the basics!

Katie’s Beading Blog
Katie presents an easy wedding jewelry set this week. Check it out!

Make It Mine Magazine
Spread the word: Make It Mine’s on MySpace.

Naughty Secretary Club
Jen has a fun DIY project showing you how to make a Tom Binns style No Time Watch in no time at all.

Contest! Contest! Keep Robin busy while she recovers from her knee surgery and send Bandanna Technique Cards-You may win a full set of Ranger’s new Adirondack(r) Pigment Ink Stamp Pads and Re-inkers! Bandanna on, Sister (or Brother)!

Savvy Crafter
Candie shares a project for Ornament Thursday that she crafted with her mom.

Snap out of it, Jean! There’s beading to be done!
Jean explains why she is so proud of her wabi sabi compliment (concerning a ring she made) by the great Eni Oken, wire worker extraordinaire

The Impatient Blogger
Madge takes matters in her own hands and collages an imperfect and quirky new bio photo. Just because.

So below are the just for the fun of it links that I thought might tickle your fancy!

VICKIE HOWELL – check out her post called Craft Gossip and not just because she mentions my sale and book.

BLURB – I could have just skipped looking for a publisher and had my book made by blurb. Maybe one day I will turn my blog into a book, that’s an option on Blurb too.

FIFI – I really do heart Fifi after visiting the website. An adorable bunny drawn with all the latest couture duds.

THE BOSS OF YOU – Well wasn’t that nice of them to mention the blog post I wrote on Social Networking. This blog and book looks like it is chocked full of good information.

LUC KEIFFER – I am in love with his barbed wire jewelry that I spotted on Design Carousel (they also supplied the pictures). His resin zipper jewelry had caught my eye before, but when my eyes met with barbed wire in pink it was true love.

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