Banana and Sunbutter Ice Cream Sandwiches


National Ice Cream Day is Sunday July 17th.  Did you see the tree I decorated to celebrate?  Besides decorating a tree I also fully intended to eat some ice cream.  Maybe even this homemade banana ice cream I made for DIY Network.

How to make ice cream from frozen bananas.

Did you know if you freeze bananas and then blend them they whip like ice cream?  I know, it blew my mind too.  You can even add flavors to it like Sunbutter and vegan chocolate chips like I did.  The whole recipe on DIY Network.


Ready to have your mind blown again?  Line a glass cooking dish with parchment paper and spread the whipped frozen banana into a sheet inside.  Put the whole thing back in the freezer to set up.


Once the ice cream sets up cut it into squares the size of graham crackers and make ice cream sandwiches.  Serve to your kids (or book club like I did) and get your back ready for all the pats on it.  Plus did I mention depending on the graham cracker you use these are vegan?  Yup that’s right party people dairy free (which also equals lower calorie)  so enjoy National Ice Cream Day guilt free.


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    • Jennifer

      Hi Helen Sunbutter is a peanut butter alternative made from sunflower seeds. My son has a peanut allergy so we have a lot of it around here!

    • Jennifer

      Anytime! Sometimes I offer it to my kids for breakfast. Who says no to ice cream (wink, wink) for breakfast.


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