Backyard Bohemian Paradise – 10 Ideas for Getting Your Porch or Patio Ready for Summer

How to create an boho patio by Jennifer Perkins

Summer is here which means LOT’S of time outside in my backyard bohemian paradise. Or at least I hope that is what it means for you.  We have a pool in our backyard so I spend hours each summer watching kids swim and hanging out with friends pool side.  There is no reason why the outside of my house should not look as good as the inside.  Last summer over on the DIY Network I did an entire post about creating this Bohemian Oasis on my patio.  Did you catch it?  Today I’m sharing a few tips for creating your own.

Creating a bohemian backyard paradise by Jennifer Perkins
  1. Bring the Inside Out

If you have a covered porch or patio considering bringing indoor furniture outside.  You will need to check out an article like the one I wrote for DIY Network called  How to Prep and Refinish the Indoor Furniture For the Outside.  Even if your patio is covered direct sunlight and moisture can effect furniture.

2.  Have More Than One Seating Area

My patio is long so there are several seating areas.  Not to mention a cozy place for two across the pool from the patio.  If you entertain much consider having numerous cozy seating areas where people can talk.  Extra seating like say Vintage Folding Lawn Chairs with Macrame are always a good idea to have on hand for unexpected guests.

Boho Patio Makeover by Jennifer Perkins

3.  Tie Areas Together With a Rug

If you are going to have a conversation area tie it all together with an outdoor rug just like you would inside the house.  This anchors each of the areas and outdoor rugs come in a million different colors and patterns.

4.  Plants Make Everything Better

If you are nuts about houseplants, then you should be just as nuts about plants on your patio.  Consider the lightening situation just like you would inside.  Another important note when dealing with outdoor hanging baskets on patios and porches is that they need LOT’S of water.  Check out all our different DIY Planter Ideas!

DIY Cinderblock Bench by Jennifer Perkins

5.  Outdoor Dinner Table

If you plan to entertain outside you need a table so that guests are not eating with a plate in their lap.  Sure kid’s can eat their burgers and watermelon on the grass or DIY Cinderblock Bench, but adults prefer a table.

6.  Made In The Shade

Consider outdoor umbrellas for tables, seating areas and sections of your pool.  Not everyone wants to walk away with a deep dark savage tan (or sunburn).  Learn how to make your own Cinderblock Umbrella Weight Planter.

Boho pool party by Jennifer Perkins

7.  Sharing is Caring

See all those bins, baskets and shelves?  I always keep extra goggles, sunglasses, drink koozies, sun screen, towels, water guns, bug spray and floats handy.  Guests often time forget necessities like pool diapers for babies and flippers for junior.  Thrift stores have many of these things for .99 a bag.  Here are some Summer Sanity Savers I found at Tuesday Morning (this was a sponsored post).

8.  Switch it Up

My outdoor furniture changes as often as my indoor, which is a lot.  Over on DIY Network I have a fun post called: How to Make Outdoor Slipcovers From Beach Towels.  Throw pillows, slip covers, new outdoor rugs can all give your entire patio a new look quickly.

Backyard Boho with Patio Lights by Jennifer Perkins

9.  Light It Up

Just like pompoms make everything better on a craft project, string lights make every outdoor space that much more magical.  Perhaps you are inspired to make your own Pineapple, Toilet Paper Roll, Dia De Los Muertos or Easter Egg String Lights?

10.  If You Are Feeling Really Fancy

My house already had an outdoor sound system and flat screen TV visible from the pool when I moved in.  Sure that is some fancy pants stuff, but man do we use it.  On the cheaper end we installed those outdoor ceiling fans ourselves for under a $100 bucks and they are worth every penny in the Texas heat.

10 Ideas for getting your porch or patio summer ready by Jennifer Perkins

What are your go to summer secrets?  Any tips and tricks I missed?

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