Austin Adventures – Sweet Berry Farms 2012

Attention Austinites – the berries are ripe for the picking at Sweet Berry Farms. I packed the family up this weekend and headed out to Marble Falls.

This was Tallulah’s second time to Sweet Berry Farms so she was a seasoned professional and was spotting luscious strawberries left and right. It was the maiden voyage for Baxter and though he is too young to do any actual picking he enjoyed himself nonetheless.

Now what shall I make with all of my strawberries? I can only put so many in my morning cereal. Popsicles are probably going to happen. We bought one for the ride home and it was a big hit. Tonight for dinner I made Gorgonzola-Stuffed Chicken Breasts with Strawberry Gastrique and it was pretty dang delish. Chris offered to make ice cream, but that sounds like a diet wrecker. What is your favorite strawberry recipe?



9 Responses to “Austin Adventures – Sweet Berry Farms 2012”

  1. Kara

    You should have Chris try to make a coconut milk ice cream with stevia as the sweetner. I bet it would be delish and it is all fruit and plant. That must be better for the diet, right? Just use a can or two of coconut milk and churn it like regular ice cream.

  2. echoamy

    that food looks so good I had to look up the recipe. What is the other stuff there besides the salad? I'm not too good at food identification…


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