Austin Adventures – McKenna Children’s Museum

Sure Austin has a great children’s museum, I have been many of times. However, a few weeks ago the fam and I decided to spice things up and head to New Braunfels and hit the McKenna Children’s Museum.

There are many similarities between the two museums. They both have a pint sized grocery store, but the one in New Braunfels also has a pint-sized bank and newspaper office. They both have an aquarium but the McKenna has albino alligators and pint sized crocodiles. Both museums have train tables but 45 minutes south you get not only a train table but a water table with boats, rubber duck rides and magnetic fishing. In other words it was well worth the trip.

If you have an aspiring astronaut on your hands they are going to love the big exhibit on planets and the rocket you can get inside. Always dreamed of your child growing up to be a doctor? There is a pretend hospital to play in and an ambulance to drive (complete with flashing lights). Maybe you are grooming your youngster to be the next Picasso. They have an actual Volkswagon Beetle for the kids to paint.

I loved the light up ‘Dance Dance Revolution’ style floor for the kids to play on. There was also a really cute faux camping area set up with a teepee, taxidermy bear & pretend campfire.

After the children’s museum we made a quick run over to my favorite thrift store. If your kids are not on a strict nap schedule stay awhile and explore the town. There are several antique and thrift shops on and around their old town square. Right down the road is Landa Park, perfect for a picnic lunch. We didn’t eat while we were there, but I bet you could rustle up some pretty authentic German food if you tried.

Admission to the museum is about $7. We had a Groupon so the gas there cost us more than the admission. If you are burnt out on the Austin Children’s Museum it is a nice change of pace and worth the drive. Plus don’t forget those thrift stores to sweeten the deal.

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