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Anytime a new restaurant opens in South Austin I am excited. When said restaurant is within walking distance from my house I am even more excited. I had heard nothing but good things about Full English and their booth at local farmers markets so when I heard we were going to be neighbors I might have squealed with delight a little. Don’t let the spray painted sign on the building fool you, step right inside for yummy goodness.

Full English is a stand up at the counter and order kind of joint. There are ready made pastries and a menu of yummies they whip up in the kitchen. I read the rave Yelp reviews about their Flapjacks, but to my surprise they are more of a pastry and not a pancake. Who knew you learn something everyday. My mom and husband opted for the Full English Breakfast. The plate looked scrumptious and I was glad beans were not involved like the full English breakfasts I have had in England. I opted for a few scones with honey. Tallulah tried a bit of everything in-between using the in-house crayons.

As a mom my main pet peeve when dining out is a restaurant that does not have enough high chairs. The Full English only has one and a booster chair. I’m sure 9 times out of 10 that is fine, but the Sunday morning I visited there were 4 toddlers in house. One had the high chair, Tallulah teetered in the booster seat making me nervous and the other two played happily around the cafe. The Full English makes up for the high chair thing with lots of mini kid sized chairs pulled up to perfect height drawing tables. When I return for pasties and tea I don’t think i will even bother with the high chair. I plan on snuggling up in one of the many comfy looking couches and packing a coloring book for Tallulah.

I have been dreaming about the Rock Buns at Full English and will be strolling Tallulah down the street to get my fix soon.

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    Thanks for stopping by. You'll have to check out our new sign, new posts in front and *drum roll* spare high chairs 🙂

    Love your blog and so glad to have you as a neighbor and customer.



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