Austin Adventures – Aquarena Springs

Some people have kids and it kills their social life and they become home bodies. For me with Tallulah it has been almost the exact opposite. I find that every week is full of some new adventure: a trip to a festival or local tourist destination. I am always getting emails about what people should do when they visit Austin so I thought I would start writing about a few of our family escapades. Today we made a quick 30 minute trip South to San Marcos to visit Aquarena Springs.

Chris and I both graduated from college in San Marcos but that does not mean we ever truly appreciated this lush sleepy little river town. Sure we have both been tubing there several times, but neither of us had ever visited Aquarena Springs or rode on their infamous glass bottom boats. Today we remedied that situation with our friends Chris and Stacy in tow.

I really felt a day late and a dollar short when I realized the glass bottom boats had been running at Aquarena Springs for over 50 years. Tallulah is very into fish and bubbles right now and this 30 minute ride provided plenty of both. As an added bonus we also saw turtles, bubbling springs and native birds. Years ago you could see swimming pigs and aqua maids.

Another Aquarena Springs attraction that has now long since gone the way of the Dodo is the Swiss Sky Ride. Just look how amazing these round pods are. The pods are now gone, but the cables that suspended them over the water are still there as well as their groovy landing dock.

The grounds of the park also host several small museums. The highlights included the infamous Texas Blind Salamander in the aquarium, the small crawl through cave for kids in the renovated museum inside the hotel and the walking tour through the Texas Wetlands.

Tallulah enjoyed running around the park and playing on their slide, saying the word boat 700 times and taking in the sites. The adults enjoyed the trip as well. Definitely worth the quick trip South and price of admission.

5 Responses to “Austin Adventures – Aquarena Springs”

  1. Chris Brody

    And I'd like to thank the Texas Pie Company in Kyle for ruining our original lunch plans. And then I'd to thank Hill's Cafe in Austin for ruining our backup lunch plans. What restaurant is closed on Sunday? Where are the olds gonna go after church? You would think these are the kinds of places that would cater to that crowd. Luby's hasn't been in business for 200 years because

  2. jungle dream pagoda

    I totally rode in the bubbles as a child!!!!!
    I also (years ago) found a small set of postcards….they prolly reproduce these now….but I am almost positive these are vintage.
    If I can find them do want them?

  3. erica

    Thank you for sharing that! I am so glad they are still running the glass bottom boats. I have vivid memories of Ralph the swimming pig, the alpine ride, and the submarine theater.

  4. Becky Pool

    My Dad actually used to drive the glass bottom boats when he was in college ^_^ I've visited a couple of times. We live in DC now and I actually saw a photo of Ralph the Swimming Pig in an exhibition up here!


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