Apartment Therapy – Modern Home and Vintage Holiday Decor



You all know I love me the Kitschmas, I mean Christmas.  I love trees in shades that God never intended, ornaments made from sequins and plastic and tinsel that sparkles like the top of the Chrysler Building.  Melding my modern home and furniture with my love of vintage holiday decor can sometimes be a challenge.  Pop over to Apartment Therapy and read Merry Kitschmas! 10 Tips for Working Vintage Elements Into Your Home’s Holiday Decor where I share a few of my favorite tips and ideas.


3 Responses to “Apartment Therapy – Modern Home and Vintage Holiday Decor”

  1. JERETTA Bliss

    I know just what you mean.I have been crafting ,sewing for years. I make things and give them to my kids. I hardly ever sell them.My son in law says I should sell them, I love to make
    things and give away.
    My room is my Computer,Craft,and Sewing room. Right now it is a mess. I just moved here in Aug. I still am not organised. Maybe this time next year.? I used to watch you
    on t. v. I loved all your ideas. Thanks,Jeretta

  2. jacqueline king

    I am delighted to see a person that seems to be similar to me.I collect all kind of craft stuff also like to try different things.I used to be able to fine everything but now l have so much it is hard to organize it all.


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