Adorable DIY Hedgehog String Art


Is string art still popular?  For a hot second you could not go on Pinterest without seeing pictures of pallets and string states.  I actually made this little cutie-patootie hedgehog a few years ago for Kids Crafts 1-2-3, shared on BlogHer after that and now I thought I would post him here.  He is just too stinking cute not to.  Want to make your own?  Sure you do.  I even have a template you can download.



Wooden oval
Craft paint (blue, pink, white, and brown)
Crochet thread brown
Small nails
Picture hanger
string art hedgehog supplies

These blank wooden pieces come in all kinds of shapes and sizes; I opted for an oval. Paint your wooden shape blue, as I did, or any color your crafty little heart desires. Allow to dry completely.

Use the hedgehog template (drawn by my lovely sister Hope Perkins) as a guide and pencil the design onto the wood. You can also get carbon paper and trace the print out onto the wood. Download a larger version of the template here.

Use your paint to color in your hedgehog. I used a dimensional pink paint for the hedgehog’s heart-shaped nose, which you can see in this close-up. Allow your paint to dry completely.

At each point in the hedgehog’s fur, hammer in a nail. Try and make sure your nails are as close to the same height as possible.
Tie your thread in a knot around one nail. Once the thread is anchored down, start wrapping thread around the nails in a random pattern. The more thread and crisscrosses you add, the denser the fur will be. Tie off with a knot around a nail when you are finished. If it makes you sleep better at night, add a dab of glue on your starting and finishing nail to ensure your knots stay in place.

You are done! Add a picture hanger and display.

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