Kitschy Craft Supply Sale

Rainbow Craft supplies for National Craft Month

Did you know March is National Craft Month?  More importantly how will you celebrating?  I’ve got a few giveaways and fun how-to’s planned so keep checking back in here on the blog.  In the meantime to kick things off I am having a celebratory 20% off sale in my Naughty Secretary Club Etsy Store.  

Whether you are a jeweler, baker or candle stick maker there is some sort of vintage kitsch craft supply waiting for you at the Naughty Secretary Club store.  Let’s say you have always dreamed of starting a junk journal of your very own.  Maybe collaged eyeglass necklaces have been calling your name.  Pop over to our ephemera and collage department and we can make your dreams come true.  Don’t forget your coupon code: March20

Vintage Snow White Dwarves cupcake toppers.

With spring here you, like everybody else, are probably thinking I need to make a gnome picture frame, a gnome necklace or perhaps a gnome terrarium.  Naughty Secretary Club can make that happen for you with these Vintage Seven Dwarf Cupcake Toppers.  You might also want to just put them on a cake or cupcakes, whatever that works too.

Vintage headstock charm bracelets.

All those plastic Cracker Jack charms you have been collecting can finally find a home on your own Vintage Charm Bracelet.  These babies are dead stock, still in the package and yup 20% when you use the code March20.

Vintage gumball machine rings with animals.

No matter what you are looking for there is a good chance I’ve got in my Naughty Secretary Club Etsy Store.  I’m also adding stuff all the time (that’s not even the tip of the iceberg).  Don’t forget to use coupon code March20 for 20% off all month and be sure to check out my other two Etsy stores Jennifer Perkins Art and The Huntress Gatherer while you are there.




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