6 Easy DIY Shoe Projects For You and the Kids

PicMonkeyshoeCollageI love shoes.  No matter where I am on the scale they always fit me.  These are a few of my favorite DIY shoes you can make yourself.

I have done a lot of DIY shoe projects in my day, but these scrap fabric Mary Jane’s may be my favorite.

Speaking of Mary Jane’s check out this pair with a classic silhouette on the toe.

It is easy to have a whale of a good time with these simple slip-ons.

You can even customize your shoelaces, add glitter and maybe a heart or two.  check out these Chucks.

I adore these cute creepers I made for my son.

Last, but not least (or pictured) are a pair of felt baby booties I made for Tallulah before she was born.  Easy, cute and they are still sitting on a shelf in her room.


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  1. Cherry Otting-Heath

    Jennifer. I’m so glad I found you. I, have watched every your show. All, the time. Thanks, for the crafts.. Cherry


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