Christmas Wrapping – Matching Your Gifts to Your Tree

Coordinating your wrapping paper with your pink Christmas tree.

I love wrapping gifts.  I used to loathe it, but somewhere over the years my feelings for paper and tape have changed.  Maybe it was once I realized how much cute wrapping paper there was in the world.  Maybe it was having kids and having to find some crafty joy in the endless birthday invitations coming home from school.  Pinterest is probably most to blame.  Either way, I love wrapping gifts these days.  So much so I even decorated my entire Some Like It Hot Treetopia Tree to match some rolls of vintage wrapping paper I had thrifted.  I would have never thought to combine pink, moss green, red and butter yellow otherwise.  One of my favorite 1o Totally Outrageous Retro Christmas Trees I decorated for the DIY Network.

Pompoms make everything better, even wrapping paper.

Head over to the Treetopia blog to read all about my love of wrapping paper and why this year I am matching the carpet to the curtains.  In other words each of my themed trees has matching themed gifts underneath it.  It hurt me to cover up my no-sew felt Christmas tree skirt (did you see the one I made last year), but these kitsch meets chic gifts were worth it.  Rawwwrrrr!!!!

***Yup I was paid to write this post and got free trees.  However, would you say no to a free gold and hot pink tree?  No, I didn’t think so.  Either way I loved Christmas long before I was paid to and all opinions are always my own.***

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  1. Ramona Peck

    Jen, I’m not into heavy duty crafting. I’m looking for a specific item, which I’ll bet you don’t have. BIRD FEET! Not tiny, delicate ones,but sturdy ones.1-1/2″ to 2″ tall. Ever seen any? Know a supplier that might have anything like that? I would appreciate your reply either way. Thanks.
    Ramona Peck


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