4th of July Christmas Tree With DIY Nautical Decorations

Some people take the term ‘Christmas in July’ more serious than others.  I’m one of those people and I’ve got the 4th of July Christmas tree to prove it.  If you keep a Christmas tree up all year long try these 4th of July DIY decorations for your tree this summer.  The theme is boating on Nantucket. 

DIY decorations for a white 4th of July Christmas tree by Jennifer Perkins

If you are thinking of dipping your creative toe into the world of keeping a tree up year round, might I suggest a white Christmas tree.  Just like a blank canvas a white tree can be converted so many ways.  I’ve decorated my white trees with ice cream themes, spread the love at Valentines, greeted spring in Easter, said hello to Cinco de Mayo, showed off thrift store scores and of course celebrated Christmas.

White Christmas tree decorated for summer with DIY garlands by Jennifer Perkins

For this 4th of July Christmas tree I wanted to add a little more color in than just the typical red, white and blue.  I was inspired by some nautical themed scrapbooking paper that I made into ornaments.  I think the pops of yellow and pink are a fun addition to the patriotic Christmas tree.

red, white and blue afghan as a tree skirt - Jennifer Perkins

I dipped in to my collection of vintage afghans for the 4th of July tree skirt.  Not the first or the last time I’ve decorated a tree with a crocheted blanket, remember my fall tree with embroidery hoop ornaments?  This blanket remained intact as worked great as a tree skirt.

The DIY supplies for making a 4th of July banner.

I wanted to make some DIY decorations for the tree.  Using the scrapbook paper that inspired the whole thing I made ornaments.  With straws, doilies, corks, pompoms, paper straws and stickers I made a patriotic colored garland.  The fun thing about this 4th of July banner is that you could use it on the tree one year and just hang it another.

Decorations close up with pompom and cork DIY garland.

Using a hot glue gun I attached everything in a random pattern to bakers twine and strung it on the tree.  Between the banner, the ornaments, garland and painted wood pieces I love the way this 4th of July tree came out!  Something about that un-expected pop of pink and yellow that makes me smile.

4th of July Christmas tree decorations by Jennifer Perkins

Do you keep a tree up all year?  Maybe any other time of the year besides Christmas?  Remember it’s never too late to start!


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