10 Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

What should you get mom this year for Mother’s Day?  I mean chances are she has been mom, school teacher, chef and bestie for the last year.  Around my house we can add house keeper, gardener and about a gazillion other titles to that list.  That being said after a special year this Mother’s Day mom deserves a special gift or at least something she will really want and use.

Dare to Dream Puzzle from Flow Magazine

10 Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Cards and handmade gifts are always an awesome idea too.  No need to break the bank!  I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite gifts to buy AND make for mom this year.  I know I’d love several things on this list (hint hint if your reading kids/husband).  

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A book about mom with words and pictures by me.

A Book About Mom

This interactive gift is the perfect option for kids in the 5-12 age range.  The name A Book About Mom: With Words and Pictures By Me pretty much says it all.  The pages are full of fun prompts including a mom report card, what the name of your family band would be and pictures of blank matching T-shirts to design.  Guess what!  There is A Book About Dad version too!

DIY fabric picture frame for mom.

Handmade Picture Frame

This is not just any framed picture this is a DIY Picture Frame Made From Old Baby Clothes.  Please note how the frame matches the outfit my daughter is wearing in the photo.  Yup, recycle those favorite baby outfits with this fun crafty project! 

Want even MORE PICTURE FRAME IDEAS?  Keep reading…

Green earrings from Jennifer Perkins Art

Handmade Jennifer Perkins Art Earrings

Find me a mom who doesn’t want a giant pair of green earrings made with vintage Christmas reflectors in their life!  I know I’d wear a pair!  Over in the Jennifer Perkins Art Etsy Store I’ve got handmade jewelry and art!

Feel like making your own jewelry instead?  I’ve got a few options including…

Free to Just Be Puzzle

The Perfect Family Pastime – Puzzles

Anyone else turn into a full blown puzzler during 2020?  A gorgeous 1,000 piece puzzle like Free to Just Be or Dare to Dream from the ladies at Flow magazine are perfect family past times.  My fam often would randomly gather to chat around whatever puzzle we currently had going all through our year at home.  Plus these beauties are pretty enough to frame when you are finished!

Moms might also enjoy books from the authors of Flow Magazine.  Check out the post 5 Books to Keep You Creative and Learning Poolside.

Children's Keepsake Clay Hand Vase

Children’s Keepsake: Clay Handprint Bouquet Vase

Who does not love to get flowers?  When those flowers come in a DIY Clay Handprint Vase made from an imprint of your child’s hand that bouquet quickly becomes an all time favorite gift.  Pop over to DIY Network where you can get the full tutorial on how to use air dry clay to make your very own.

Maybe there is more than one kid so you need more than one kind of DIY vase, I got you covered.  Check out…

Jennifer Perkins Dreambox in her craft room.

Createroom Dreambox

Ya’ll I LOVE my Dreambox.  This clown car of crafts closes up into a tight little cabinet or opens wide and invites you in to get creative.  This is the ultimate gift for crafty moms everywhere!  Plus if you use my affiliate code JENNIFERPERKINSMOM at checkout you will get a discount!

For US Customers, there are Up to $1,000 off (first 100 orders only)!

  • $200 off DreamBox
  • $300 off Pre-built service(First 100 only)
  • $200 off Gray Shaker Style
  • $250 off Table options ($100 off Dream Cart, Side Tables / $50 off Sew Station)- when purchased with DreamBox
  • $50 off Create Room Cubby -when purchased with DreamBox

P.S. Did you see the Virtual Bob Ross Party I threw?  LOT’S more pictures of my glorious Dreambox there.

How to decorate a tree for Mother's Day.

Mother’s Day Tree

Doesn’t mom deserve an entire Christmas tree decorated to her?  I think so.  Plus this one has custom ornaments you can make for all the moms in your life! Check out this Mother’s Day Tree AND yet another Mother’s Day Tree

Colorful Striped Wicker Purse

The Huntress Gatherer – Vintage Wicker Purse

Over in The Huntress Gatherer Etsy Shop I’m all stocked up on tons of Mother’s Day gift options.  Assuming mom loves vintage.  I’m regularly adding fun treasures like purses, jewelry and home decor.  Guess what I have an eBay Shop too.

Table napkins embroidered with children's artwork

Embroidered Napkins With Kid Art

It is so easy to take your kid’s artwork and turn it into a embroidery project.  These cloth table napkins are the perfect addition to a Mother’s Day dinner table and make a unique keepsake.  Pop over to DIY Network for all the details about How to Embroider Your Kid’s Artwork.

Party props

Golden Girls Mother’s Day Brunch

Perhaps mom would like to have brunch with her besties this year for Mother’s Day?  Spice up that brunch by making it a Golden Girls themed party.  I’ve got the perfect party set-up for you including a custom Christmas tree, Golden Girls Bingo and everything you need to set a table that would make your favorite four Florida ladies proud!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!  Hope you get something fun.

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