10 Fun DIY Winter Wreaths You Can Make!

Just because Christmas is over does not mean your front door can’t stay festive.  Sure it’s time to pack up the trees, but no need to put aways all your wreaths.  Check out all of these adorable fun DIY winter wreaths that will perk those blah winter months right up!

Boho Snowwoman Wreath Jennifer Perkins

Boho Snow Woman Wreath – Jennifer Perkins

In Texas we have to get creative when it comes to snowmen since we don’t get much snow.  Try this adorable Snowman wreath ( or is it a snow woman) made with grapevine, snowflakes and doilies.  This three tiered wreath will keep you feeling festive all winter long.

DIY Snowball Wreath

DIY Snowball Wreath – Two Junk Chix

Nobody loves a yarn craft that does not involve knitting or crochet more than me.  This adorable yarn ball wreath from Two Junk Chex is perfect for using up scrap bits of yarn.

The gray and white give this DIY yarn ball wreath winter vibes since they look like snowballs.  You can also try using different colors of yarn like on my Back to School Wreath.

Faux Fur Winter Wreath Across the Blvd

Faux Fur Winter Wreath – Across the Blvd.

I love fun fur.  Always have, always will.  As a matter of fact this faux fur winter wreath from Across the Blvd is inspiring me to make a winter yeti version of this Halloween monster wreath.  Excuse me, I’ve got a new winter wreath to go make.

DIY Yarn Wreath by Girl In The Garage

DIY Yarn Wreath – Girl In The Garage

Ribbon wrapped wreaths that can be made in under an hour.  The Girl in the Garage is on to something here with this super easy winter decor project.  Change the ribbon out to any color or style your home decorating heart desires.

DIY-Farmhouse-Style-Winter-Wreath Our Crafty Mom

DIY Embroidery Hoop Wreath – Our Crafty Mom

Embroidery hoops are a crafty girls best friend.  You can use them to make DIY wall pockets, earring holders or silk screen a T-shirt.  As Our Crafty Mom shows us they also work great for a winter wreath.

Rustic-White-Yarn-Snowman-Wall-Art-Tutorial Made In A Day

Yarn Snowman – Made In A Day

Cute, cute, cute!  I love this yarn snowman wreath from Made In a Day.  Maybe I should set him up on a blind date with the snow woman wreath I made.

DIY Winter Scarf Wreath - Refresh Living

Cozy Winter Wreath With Thrift Store Finds – Refresh Living

This DIY scarf wreath makes me feel cozy just looking at it!  Hit the thrift store or the dollar spot and get inspired by Refresh Living and this clever idea.

Beautiful-Winter-Wonderland-Wreath - Sparkles of Sunshine

Winter Wonderland Wreath – Sparkles of Sunshine

Nothing is easier to make into a wreath than tulle.  Whether you are making a no-sew too-tuu or a DIY winter wreath this easy to use and in-expensive material is always a winner.

Felt Flower Wreath

W Is For Wreath – Jaime Costiglio

Rolled burlap is the perfect material for this farmhouse chic wreath.  You know if this wreath was on my door it would me made with vintage fabric scrap flowers in psychedelic colors – but I admit these muted shades from Jaime Costiglio work for winter.

Pine Cone Wreath

Pinecone Wreath – Vintage Paint and More

If you are fortunate enough to live near pine trees then the pinecone wreath and DIY projects are endless.  I love the white look of this one from Vintage Paint and More.  Perfect with the pop of red from the berries.

Baby it’s cold outside, but that does not mean you can’t warm your door up with some cuteness and a DIY winter wreath!

10 Fun DIY Winter Wreaths You Can Make! Jennifer Perkins

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