10 Best Craft Trends of 2014 (and Possibly 2015)

I was all geared up to write another post about overdone and overused craft trends again this year like I did for BlogHer about 2013, and then it dawned on me:

I’m still not sick to death of these trends. As a matter of fact, I really like them and tried several myself. In years past, I felt like if I saw another cake pop or chalk-painted piece of furniture, I might poke my eyes out. But this year, I’m still enjoying them. Neon still make me happy, my arm knit cowl is still keeping me warm, and my shibori sheets still look good.


Some yearly trends are better than others, and 2014 was chock-full of keepers. So this year’s list is not about played-out craft trends you need to retire from your blog immediately. Instead, consider it the gorgeous highlights of 2014.  I might also mention that according to Yahoo DIY’s Emily Wagner, many of these trends are going to continue to be big in 2015 so it’s not too late to buy that loom!



Every few years, neon makes its way back into our lives. More often than not, it is in the form of fashion—but last year, a dash of neon could be found most anywhere in the design world. Mix it with mustard yellow, natural wood or pastels for extra crafty impact. I have long been a fan of neon mixed with neutrals, so this was a trend I fully embraced.

The key is to remember that a little neon goes a long way. We are not trying to bring back the 80’s entirely, just give it a gentle nod. DIY Blogger Kristi Murphy got it just right with these antler candle holders.



Pineapples were THE fruit of 2014. I’m the first to admit I fell head over heels too making planters, string lights, and more.

In 2014 pineapples even tasted better. What Warhol did for the banana and Magritte did for the Granny Smith apple, the design community of 2014 did for the pineapple.



Move over tie-dye—this year it was all about shibori. This ancient Japanese dying technique using indigo was everywhere, from kitchen linens to clothing. Navy was the new black of 2014, and I was not angry about it.

Throw Pillows like these by Lucy at a Craftberry Bush are an excellent way to embrace the trend.



People gave the marbled effect to everything in 2014: paper, clothing, and even fingernails. There are many techniques to achieve this look, ranging from alum, Suminagashi, and my favorite method, shaving cream.

If you don’t want to make marble yourself, you can find plenty of ready-made options like this gorgeous art paper Jessica at Decor Adventures purchased for lining a shelf.



“All that glitters is gold” was the motto for many things last year. Beyoncé had her flash tattoos, every scrapbooking line under the sun had gold foil and a quick look at Pinterest proved that many believe anything can be made better with a can of gold spray paint.

One of my favorite gold pairings of 2014 was with black and white geometric patterns. These stylish coasters on Smart School House are a perfect example.



The party planners of the world are obsessed with streamers and tassels—if they were tied into a garland or hanging from an over-sized balloon, better yet. No baby shower or craft studio suddenly seemed complete without a garland of paper streamer tassels.

Muted pastel colors mixed with shiny gold: I’m the first to admit I love a good crepe paper tassel as much as the next gal. They add a sense of romance, whimsy, and DIY to a party. Hello My Sweet is full of party planning eye candy, including oodles of tassels.



I bought a loom in 2014 and used that sucker.  Even taught a class about it. How could I not, after being inundated with picture after picture of gorgeous woven wall hangings? I loaded up on chunky yarn, hung something from a stick, and checked that craft off my list. I developed a serious yarn habit last year, thanks to weaving.

Check out Lindsey Campbell from Hello Hydrangea for all kinds of great weaving tutorials.



Do plants really go in and out of style? In 2014, everyone and her dog had a green thumb. Succulents, hanging air plants and cacti were everywhere.  I admit, I went and bought a slew of them too.  Check out my painted air plant video, hanging terrarium and bar caddy planter for proof.



In all honesty, this trend reached a fever pitch in December 2013, I’m proud to say my buddy Vickie Howell led the trend. Knitting is not known for being an instant-gratification craft, but in this case, in under an hour you can be fielding compliments with “Thanks, I made it myself.” I even arm knitted a cowl!



Kelly from Studio DIY brought donuts to a fever pitch in 2014. I never tire of her cute, pink-frosted DIY ideas. Thought babies could not get any cuter? Try covering them in colorful sprinkles like Sam from Atkinson Drive did with her wee one’s Halloween costume.



Other craft trends of this past year: sugar skulls, eyeballs, tribal prints, and coiled rope bowls. All of which I love.

Of course, some trends on the list started long before 2014, and a few will continue well into 2015. Now what do you see as the trends for 2015? (Quilling, anyone?)


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