Apr 06, 2021

Mixed Media Picture Frames With Marbled Book Pages

Vintage book pages marbled
I’ve been a busy little crafty bee lately adding new goodies galore to my Jennifer Perkins Art Etsy store.  A few of my favorite new items include a series of faces in handmade picture frames.  Well ok – I didn’t…
Mar 22, 2021

Three New Inspired Craft Books You Need On Your Shelf

Art Makers Empowered Embroidery from Amy L. Frazer
I love craft books ya’ll.  About the only thing that makes me as happy as a stack of fresh craft supplies is a stack of new craft books.  When I got a fat package from my friends over at Quarto…
Mar 14, 2021

Welcome to Felicia’s Cut and Curl – A New Artsy Craftsy Collection

Collection of head vases made by Jennifer Perkins
I’m reclaiming the cardboard canister craft for my own artsy purposes.  Sure a quick spin through Pinterest produces oodles of results for using empty oatmeal cans for home decor and kids crafts but I’m slapping a pompom and a toothy…
Feb 03, 2021

Getting into the Valentine’s Day Spirit With a Vintage Sewing Themed Craft Space Makeover

A craft space decorated for Valentine's Day with pink garlands and toy sewing machines.
Is it weird that I like to decorate my craft space in theme for the holidays?  Wait – don’t answer that.  I thought some vintage Valentines and antique toy sewing machines were just what I needed to get ready for…
Jan 20, 2021

How to Make Tie-Dye Polymer Clay And Embellish String Lights

Eclectic art hanging from polymer clay clip lights.
If you resolve to try one new craft medium this year – let it be oven bake clay.  You can make some fun rainbow ornaments, whip up a DIY headphone holder or create an awesome tie-dye polymer clay string light…
Jan 02, 2021

My Favorite Books of 2020 – Audiobooks to Craft, Walk and Decorate Christmas Trees With

Book shelf styled in rainbow order with radios and trinkets.
Anyone else go on a reading bender in 2020? I read over 70 books last year. Being trapped at home will do that for you. Full disclosure: I actually listened to the books. I’m an audiobook kinda gal. On top…
Dec 11, 2020

Say Thank You For a Being a Friend With These Easy DIY Golden Girls Christmas Ornaments

Golden Girls themed pink Christmas tree.
Think it’s too late to say ‘thank you for being a friend’ with a handmade gift this Christmas?  Think again.  You can whip up a set of these easy DIY decoupage Golden Girls ornaments in an evening.  Go ahead and…