Oct 11, 2018

Spooky String Lights – Your New Fave Toilet Paper Roll Halloween Craft

string lights made with toilet paper rolls and napkins.
Toilet paper roll crafts never get old.  Sure, they are probably meant for kindergartners but this lady happens to love them for a lot of crafty reasons.  I’m adding making my own DIY spooky string lights to the top of…
Oct 09, 2018

The Spoonflower Quick-Sew Project Book – Jennifer Perkins Art Sunglasses Case

The Spoonflower Quick-Sew Project Book: 34 DIYs To Make The Most of Your Fabric Stash had me at quick.  I admit the word ‘sew’ sends shivers down my spine but when I peaked inside Anda Corrie’s new book I was…
Oct 05, 2018

Tis the Season for Stenciled Monster Halloween Tree Skirts

Black and white Halloween tree skirt with monster stencils.
If you are going to the trouble to decorate a Halloween tree then clearly you need to go that extra mile and make a Halloween tree skirt.  As my dad always says: “a job worth doing is worth doing well”.…
Oct 03, 2018

Creepy Clay Witch Hand Vases

Beaker full of flowers with DIY clay witch hand holding it.
Just because it is Halloween does not mean I am throwing out all my houseplants or not buying fresh flowers all season long.  Quite the contrary, I just make my own DIY creepy clay witch hand vase to hold said…
Oct 01, 2018

A Purrrfectly Scary DIY Black Cat Pinata for Your Halloween Party

Halloween DIY black cat paper-mache piñata
No party is complete without a piñata and that includes a Halloween party.  As a matter of fact I’ve got 10 Creative DIY Halloween Pinatas over on the DIY Network including this fun paper-mache black cat piñata.  Don’t be intimidated…
Sep 28, 2018

Mystic Moon Halloween Tree Ornaments PLUS Treetopia’s Halloween DIY Kings and Queens

Black and white striped Halloween tree.
It’s that time of year again – The Treetopia Halloween DIY Queens and Kings Blog Hop season!  We have partnered with some awesome bloggers this year each of whom have not only decorated a Halloween Christmas tree but have also…
Sep 26, 2018

Let’s Play a Fall Themed I Spy Game

Collage brown and orange fall ispy
It’s I Spy time again!  If you loved my rainbow summer I Spy game, I can’t wait for you to see all things fall!  Full of vintage knick knacks, Bakelite, kitsch and fall colors. Every month PMQ For Two, Club…