Sep 26, 2016

Three DIY Medusa Ideas

How to make a medusa planter.
Medusa – she is beautiful, but don’t stare at her too long or she will turn you into stone.  It’s hard not to stare at a spooky planter like this Medusa one on DIY Network.  Want to make your own?  …
Sep 23, 2016

Witchy Woman Halloween Tree Ornaments

Well hello there Ms. Sassy Orange Tree.  You look extra spunky with your fancy new witch ornaments.  What’s that?  You made them yourself?  You’re sharing the whole tutorial as part of the Eighteen25 Spooktacular September blog hop?  Well you clever…
Sep 22, 2016

Easy Clay Monster Planters for Halloween

How to make an air dry Frankenstein Halloween planter
Just because it’s Halloween does not mean you should let your green thumb go black.  I’m a firm believer than you can still have plenty of living things around for Halloween, they just need to be in the right hand…
Sep 20, 2016

Halloween Sock Spiders PLUS a Kid’s Spiderweb Toss Game

How to make foam spiders for a Halloween spider web toss game.
Each Halloween party I try to think of new fun ways to entertain all the kids.  I am sharing some fun kid’s party ideas including this Spider Web Toss Game over on DIY Network.  No hula hoop spider web is…
Sep 19, 2016

Easy Yarn Wrapped Halloween Monster Wreath

How to make a yarn wrapped Halloween wreath.
You have all your Halloween Trees decorated, the fall mantle is spectacularly spooky, teal pumpkins are carved, and even your throw pillows tell the world it is Halloween time.  Let’s not forget the front door and the all important wreath…
Sep 16, 2016

How to See The World Through Pumpkin Orange Colored Glasses

How to use doll heads for Halloween
Did you see this week’s Facebook Live video?  I gave a little mini tour of my dining room and talked about seeing the world through pumpkin orange colored glasses when shopping.  What I mean is that some of my best…
Sep 15, 2016

Adorable DIY Scarecrow Ornaments for Fall

Easy and fun DIY scarecrow ornaments
Well hello there adorable scarecrow ornament.  Don’t you look sassy atop that fall themed tree.  Oh what’s that you say?  You’re super duper easy to make too?  Let’s tell em how it’s done Mr. Scarecrow. Let’s start with some back…