Jan 24, 2017

It’s Snowing Neon Pink Straw Snowflakes

How to make snowflakes out of straws.
If it snowed neon pink snowflakes I’d be such a happy camper.  I might even consider moving away from Texas where it never snows just to see them.  Well let’s not get crazy, I might just go visit.  I like…
Jan 20, 2017

DIY This With Jennifer Perkins – Cork Covered Desk Lamps

How to make an easy DIY cork covered desk caddy.
Did you catch my new show?  Yup, every Thursday at 1pm CST I’ll be hanging out with you via Facebook Live on the DIY Network’s Facebook page getting crafty.  The segment is called ‘DIY This With Jennifer Perkins‘.  This week…
Jan 17, 2017

Giving Storage Crates the Cute Treatment

I don’t know about you, but I am still trying to find clever ways to corral all the Christmas clutter – I mean gifts.  There are plenty of options out there, but sometimes I like to make my own or…
Jan 11, 2017

I Never Said I Quit Making Jewelry

I’ve been busy adding new jewelry to my Jennifer Perkins Art Etsy Store.  Not your typical jewelry, but ya know the kitschy weird hand painted kind. When I quit Naughty Secretary Club I never said I was quitting jewelry all…
Jan 10, 2017

Boho Snow-Woman Wreath

How to make a boho snowman wreath.
When Christmas is over that does not mean you have to take down your wreaths.  Not if your wreath is all about winter like this Boho Snowman Wreath on DIY Network.  Part dream catcher, part wreath, part festival chick – this…
Jan 06, 2017

Ever Wonder Where I Store Over 100 Christmas Trees?

Ever wonder where I store all those Christmas trees?  Over on the Treetopia Blog (sponsored) I’m spilling my guts. Let’s just say my son’s closet holds less clothes than it does trees and my attic currently looks like it got in a…
Jan 03, 2017

DIY Stylish Stitched Storage (if it’s got holes, you can stitch it)

Did you make a resolution to clean up, purge, get organized?  Welcome to the club.  Nothing makes me want to sort and toss like some stylish storage options.  Did you know you can stitch on plain plastic bins with holes?…