Kitschmas Dinosaur Gift Card Holders

Dinosaur gift card holder.

Rawwwwr it’s an invasion of the kitsch-tastic dinosaurs.  Don’t tell my son I stole and spray painted his toys, but look how cute they are it was totally worth it.  If you are giving a gift card (or small gift like jewelry) this year consider this fun and funky method of delivery.  I adore the way these DIY Dinosaur Gift Card Holders turned out.  Over on HGTV I’m sharing more pretty packaging ideas.

How to make a dinosaur planter for Christmas.

Are you suddenly feeling the Christmasaurus thing?  Like I need more holiday dinosaurs in my life?  Well might I suggest this post that is an oldie, but a goodie.  DIY Dinosaur Christmas Planter – easy, cute and extra kitschy.

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