Easy and Adorable DIY Lemon Slice Coasters

Easy DIY lemon slice coasters.

Happy National Lemonade Day!  Do you prefer your’s pink, plain or spiked?  Any which way you drink it, a tall glass will always taste that much sweeter on a DIY Lemon Coaster.  Trust me, I know from experience.  This post is sponsored and originally appeared on I Love to Create.


– Craft glue
– Cotton laundry line
– Sticky back foam sheets
– Fabric spray paint in yellow (or regular spray paint)
– Craft knife
– Cotton laundry line
– Circle (cup) to trace
– Pen
– Scissors


Cotton laundry line is one of my favorite craft supplies.  I’ve used it to convert Easter Eggs into Planters, make Boho Baskets and I have even dyed it ombre.  This time around I coiled the rope into coaster sized circles slightly larger than the cup I was going to use as a guide for the next step.  You can use craft glue or hot glue and glue as you coil.

Using sticky foam as a stencil.

Trace a cup onto the sticky back foam.  Use a pen to section the circle off into a pie.  From there make triangles inside the pie.

How to apply a lemon slice stencil.

Using scissors or a craft knife cut out the triangles and apply the stickers to the coasters.  The stickers will act as a resist or stencil for your lemon slice coasters.


Spray the rope coasters with paint.  Allow to dry completely.  When working with spray paint, fabric or regular, several layers drying in-between are always better.

Easy and adorable DIY lemon slice coasters

When the paint is dry remove and discard the foam.  This sticker resist technique is really easy and fun.  I’ve used foam stickers as a resist on Ocean Themed Bedspreads, Geometric Planters and T-Shirts.


Easy breezy, not to mention cute as all get out.  Maybe next I’ll make a lime, orange or pink grapefruit version!  Not that into coasters?  Perhaps a Citrus Slice Tote Bag or a Lemon Slice Sunglasses Case.

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    These coasters are absolutely adorable! Thanks for linking up your pretty project to this week’s #MondayFundayParty. We can’t wait to see what you come up with next week!


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