Easy & Adorable DIY Nest Necklaces from Plastic Easter Eggs

How to make a nest necklace from a plastic Easter egg.

I realize Easter was a month a go, but I still keep finding plastic eggs under beds and floating around in the bushes.  They never seem to go away.  If you are into up-cycled crafts like me that is not such a bad thing.  Over on DIY Network I talked about 10 Ways to Repurpose Plastic Easter Eggs, today I am going to elaborate on one of my favorites.  Making a nest necklace from a mini egg.

Supplies for making a nest necklace from a plastic Easter egg.


  • Small plastic Easter egg (the rounder half)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Floral picks with small eggs and flowers
  • Natural colored twine
  • Long chain necklace
  • 2 jump rings
  • pliers
Making a plastic Easter egg into a necklace.

Using twine and hot glue wrap the round half of a plastic Easter egg.


After you have wrapped the entire egg glue two small loops of twine inside the egg.  This is where you will attach your jump rings and chain.


Using hot glue fill your nest with small eggs and flowers.

How to make a nest necklace from a plastic Easter egg.

Attach chain to loops on sides of basket.  Your nest necklace is ready for action.  Perfect for spring and might I suggest making these with your littles using a low-temp glue gun or quick dry craft glue.  I’ve made planters, pineapples, nightlights, gnomes and now nests.  What can’t you create when you up-cycle plastic Easter eggs I ask you?




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