Dye Your Own Craft Sand and Make a Bowl Too

How to make a bowl out of sand.

Did you know you can dye sand?  I know it blew my mind too.  I’ve been paying for colored sand all these years to flock deer, paint mushrooms and make terrariums and all along I could have been making it myself.  On top of that you can throw in a bunch of glue and make said colored sand into a bowl.  BAM – I know mind blown right.  Let’s do this thing.

How to dye play sand.


  • Play sand
  • Ziploc bags
  • Tie dye
  • Plastic wrap
  • Craft glue
  • Bowl
How to make colored sand.

Step 1

Divide your sand into plastic bags.  Add mixed dye and squish.  I used tie-dye but I have a sneaking suspicion that other dyes and food coloring might work.


Step 2

Cover the bowl you are going to use as a mold in plastic wrap.  This will prevent your glue from sticking to the bowl.

How to make a bowl with colored sand.

Step 3

Mix the sand and your glue.  I bet you could also use something like fabric stiffener, maybe even starch, but I used craft glue.  Cover your bowl with sand and glue.  I was going for a planet Earth look here.

How to make a bowl out of colored sand and glue.

Step 4

Allow your glue to dry completely.  This could take 24 hours.  When everything is set remove your new sand bowl from the mold.

How to make a bowl out of sand you dyed yourself.

Step 5

Using scissors trim the rim of the bowl.  Now fill that sucker up and enjoy.  I thought my bowl was a perfect vessel for holding a few kids craft supplies.  What will you put in yours?

Colored sand art terrarium DIY.

What do you do with all of that left over colored sand?  They look great in planters and terrariums if I do say so.



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