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I don’t know why I have recently become obsessed with Instagram food photography. Maybe because if I make healthy pretty meals I will feel compelled to Instagram them and then lose weight. Speaking of weight, I am working on that resolution. I have lost 5 of those pesky holiday 10 pounds. Whoo-hoo! I credit my new obsession with a vegan diet. Plus I have been training to run a 10k. So on with the food pictures. Hope they inspire you to try a few new plant based meals. Most of these I have just been making up as I go.

This grapefruit, fennel, avocado and brown rice salad was a lot more delicious until I found a ladybug in it.

I recently threw a baby shower for my sister. With some brown rice and a can of coconut milk I had in the pantry I whipped up a curry with the left overs from the veggie tray. It’s official, I don’t like tempah.

My husband Chris has been a little skeptical of my new diet, but if noodles are involved he is on board. This bowl of buckwheat noodles, bok choy and sweet potatoes in miso-lime broth.

I was in charge of bringing a snack to my pre-schoolers class recently so I whipped up a batch of strawberry, banana, avocado, oatmeal and flax muffins with vegan chocolate chips. They were yummy!

Cranberry almond wheatberries with wilted kale, baby beets and pomegranate arils. All the pretty colors make me happy.

You might recall the scissor shaped soft pretzels I made. For a recent clothes swap with my lady friends I did a coat hanger version.

Have any favorite healthy vegan recipes you want to share? I’d love to hear them!

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  1. vintagevixenarts

    The muffin's look and sound tasty!And I posted an embellished Miso the other day with lot's of fresh flavor's. Maybe I'm just tired of winter because I'm really craving fresh fruit and veg meal's. Snap's to you,because I'm a momma too, and it requires alot of planning and work to make healthy meal's:)


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