I Love to Create – Delightful Doormat

Recently when walking into my house I looked down and realized I still have a Halloween themed doormat. It’s July I could either just tough it out a couple more months or I could paint myself a brand spanking new one. I opted for plan B.

Plain Door Mat
Tulip Soft Fabric Paint
Paint Brush
Tulip Fabric Marker
Embroidered Effects: Projects and Patterns to Inspire Your Stitching (Sublime Stitching) by Jenny Hart

I used a metal ruler to create a border around the edge of my plain beige mat. I filled in the border using Tulip Fabric Paint.

I used a pattern from Embroidered Effects as my design. I loved the cute little birds and thought they would look great on my door mat. I scanned in the embroidery pattern and enlarged it to fit on my rug. I printed up three separate pictures.

Unfortunately, I could not get transfer paper to work on the texture of my rug so I was forced to draw the picture. I should say my husband was forced to draw. I used a Tulip Fabric Marker to transfer my design.

After my design was on the rug I went back in with Tulip Fabric Paint and filled in. I also decided to add a few embellishments of my own!

Now I can put away my Halloween door mat for the next two months and display my own customized cute as a button mat in the meantime. I’m hoping the fun birds will distract visitors from the holes in the screen left by my over zealous 140 lb dog and 24 lb child.

11 Responses to “I Love to Create – Delightful Doormat”

  1. digifigi

    You crafty person, you, create the birds in magnetic sheets and use them to cover the character in the screen. (the sheets will stick to each other with the screen between them).

  2. eileensideways

    this is wonderful. so easy and supplies so readily available at the craft store. the design whimsical. love it. thanks for the tutorial.


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