What’s Black, White and Yellow All Over?

Today I am at two places at once. Not in real life sillies, in blog life. Why you ask? Well because my black, white and yellow cup runneth over. Let me explain… My friends Erin and Karly run a rad home decorating blog called Design Crisis. Erin went off and managed to get herself in the family way so while she is off taking care of her new whipper snapper she has suckered some friends to do some guest blogging for her. I was one of those friends. My topic was black, white and yellow interiors and I had so many I split the post and put half of the pictures on Design Crisis and half of the pictures right here on Naughty Secretary Club. Whew, now that we have all that explaining out of the way let’s get on to the good part – the pictures.

As you kids know one of my most prized possessions is my complete set of The Practical Encyclopedia of Good Decorating and Home Improvement. Tallulah does not know how lucky she is that one day these will be hers. This book was cram packed with tack-a-liscious black, white and yellow goodness. I could have stood and scanned all day.

I know not long ago Ikea was carrying floor to ceiling fabric wall panels that looked just like these treescapes.

Dahling meet me for fondue on the veranda.

I’m just mad for plaid!

I’m having a small citrus and basil themed dinner party tonight for a few guests and I wish more than anything that my dining room looked like this for one night only.

You know what I think really makes a room? Cock and bowls on the coffee table.

I’ve heard of the carpet matching the curtains but never the curtains matching the cabinets.

Speaking of black, white, yellow and Ikea – take a look at these rooms starting with Super Shopper.

Bonus points to Uniform Studio for the piegon pillow and low hanging guitar.

*DAAN* on Flickr had this bathroom to share. I kind of feel like the room is a little Rosemary’s Baby or something, but I still dig it.

Don’t want to commit to decorating an entire room in black, white and yellow? How about a small art grouping like Kasa did instead. I have prints from Pepperminte and Ashley G in my bedroom too!

Don’t forget pop over to Design Crisis to the other half of this blog and well wishes to Erin on the new baby!

5 Responses to “What’s Black, White and Yellow All Over?”

  1. schmemily

    I too treasure my set of Practical Guides. True story: I bought mine from an eBay seller who mislisted the set–about $40, which I considered a bargain. Not two weeks later, my boyfriend found another entire set for FREE at the recycling center.

  2. jungle dream pagoda

    My vintage decorating books continually inspire me!
    My oldest (just turned teen) wants black walls. I always encourage bold choices,and here she is making one and I hesitate,I mean its only paint right? I suggested a chalk wall,and she seems hepped on that,but black walls are …ever so beautiful!I just do not wish to encourage a gothy/mall/typical (hmmm, i know what I'm describing even

  3. Joseph

    You have opened an interesting discussion on design. I'm a cabinetmaker who really doesn't want to make kitchen cabinets for a living, because the most of those in the U.S. are simple boxes with a "choice of doors and drawer fronts." Boring!

    So, what do you do that is different and innovative and still practical enough to use every day of your life? Damned if I

  4. The Dreaming Bear

    Thanks for sharing these pics, Jennifer! Wow!! My family and I are working our way through our house with a paintbrush…and we are putting a bright marigold in our living room, and up the stairs in the hallway. LOVE yellow…everyone who enters just grins from ear to ear!


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