Journey Back in Terrarium Time

Why go out into that June heat to admire a garden when you could look at one under glass from the comfort of your own home. I’m talking about terrariums people and in case you have not noticed they are all the rage. Apparently terrariums never actually go out of style because I have combed through my stash of vintage craft, decorating and gardening books to find primo examples from as far back as the 50’s. Our journey back in terrarium time kicks off a week long celebration of our favorite mini eco-systems in a jar. Tomorrow look for a fun how-to with fry baskets (OK not a terrarium, but equally cute), Wednesday we have a terrarium web roundup, Thursday is I Love to Create with a faux terrarium shadow box picture frame and we wrap things up Friday with shopping for terrarium goodies.

Dang that is a whole lot of terrarium goodness!

Better Homes & Gardens House Plants New How-To for the Indoor Gardner 1959

Pack-O-Fun The Only Scrap-Craft Magazine May 1978

A Treasury of Things to Make by the editors of Sphere Magazine 1977

Better Homes and Gardens Gifts to Make Yourself 1972

Pack-O-Fun The Only Scrap-Craft Magazine January 1974

LeeWards Illustrated Library of Arts and Crafts

Sand Painting for Terrariums and Aquariums by Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod 1975

Looking for vintage Terrarium Books to score for yourself? Check out these options on Etsy.

Vintage House Plant Water Garden and Terraiums Books
House Plants For The Purple Thumb Book
Vintage 1973 The Terrarium Book Illustrated

Have any fun vintage craft or gardening books in your stash with terrarium how-tos?

11 Responses to “Journey Back in Terrarium Time”

  1. Turtle

    loved this!! I was inspired a few months back to make a terrarium, so did! although i forgot to add the charcoal and keep forgetting to pick it up!

  2. mary'smom

    My mother owned the one that is in the Lee Wards Illustrated ad. I found one on ebay, but it is a bit pricey. I don't know what happened to hers, except my sister cracked the lid when we were children. I loved that thing. Thanks for bringing back happy childhood memories. I really want to make a tabletop one now!

  3. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Hey Mary I beleive those are called a Terradome Terrarium? I love them too, my friend Karly just got one and I am muy jealous of it's glory. My sister also has one that looks more like the bottle casa from I Dream of Genie which is rad.

    Fern and Mossery please do link to this post, or any post. We are in the middle of terrarium week around here! So glad you stopped by you have

  4. Anonymous

    Hi all
    The Terradome Terrarium designed
    by Ric Lopez is available at
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    San Francisco…if you google the
    Terradome Terrarium you will see lots
    of press.


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