There is Something in Your Hair

I stayed up way too late last night cruising through blog land. I just could not get tired to save my life and way into the morning hours I had to force myself to get into bed. It was one of those things where you read one blog and from there click a link to another blog and so forth and so on. So many pretty pictures, inspirational pieces of art, cute outfits, things I wanted – it was hard to tear myself away. I found a few new blogs as I cruised that I really enjoyed: Poppy Talk, Creature Comforts, Auburn and Ivory and Design for Mankind.

I also came across a blog called Perhaps with an amazing piece of art called Spring Roll by Jo. It reminded me about the current issue of Rare Magazine and the fact that they featured some Naughty Secretary Club jewelry. Also featured is a Hot Pink Pistol purse and a piece of art by Hope. Actually one of my favorite pieces by Hope, her fruit head mannequin that was on display at Gallery Lombardi. I know I just made a list yesterday of Blood Thirsty Bears, but it got me to thinking about art and hair and another new and exciting list was born.

1) Fruit Head Mannequin Centerpiece for Susanne’s Wedding. 2) Fruit Head Mannequin photographed by La Pistola Photography for Rare Magazine. 3) Dead rapper Fruit Head Series. All by Hope Perkins of Hot Pink Pistol.

NEST OF BIRDS IN BEEHIVE HAIRDO Original Painting by Jikits and Beehive Babe by Natasha Westcoast.

Chipmunk Coiffure Print and Miss Orange Topiary Print by The Black Apple

Autumn Intensity and Neighbour print by Lottie Frank

My Melodies by Rosie Music, Cosmic Gaze by A Break Studios and Showing Something I by Laura George.

Carlottas Cat – AlphaGals Digital print by The Small Cat Club and ACEO Bee Hive Hairdo by Backroom Treasures

Blue Butterflies Print and Belinda Illustration by Carambatack

The Darling Nest, Print by Marmee Craft (thanks for the tip Marilyn) and Siamese Twins by Anahata Katkin

Makes me want to race out and wear flowers in my hair or hit the costume shop for a Carmen Miranda wig. Do you know any awesome examples of ladies with something in their hair?

9 Responses to “There is Something in Your Hair”

  1. Emilia

    Woo! Thanks so much for the blog love. I’m pretty enchanted my your blog as well! Can’t wait to add to my google reader!

  2. alicia

    Another thanks for some blog love! I’m thrilled you included my Carlotta’s Cat in your incredible hair art line up, and also thrilled that yet another member of the Austin Craft Mafia has graced me with her art kudos (I love working on the illustrations for Jenny, and I’m glad to hear you enjoy them too!).

  3. Marjorie

    Now I must bedeck my hair with antique keys and bird’s nests!! 🙂

    Thank you so much for including my print! I love all these extravagant chignons! 🙂

  4. Laura

    Thank you so much for including me amongst all of these talented people.

    I am in love with your blog! All of your picks are great. I’m bookmarking you for sure!

  5. Kim Baise

    Wow!!! i just googled my jikits name and found this awesome post with my art!thanks!!
    I’m a little late to notice, I know:)
    I love your blog, it ROCKS!


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