Is it weird that I read Forbes?

Did you get a chance to listen to the podcast I did with Vickie Howell called Bringing Home the Crafty Bacon? If you did, then you might recall the part where Vickie asks me how I got started and I said that I consider my “Big Break” a feature I got in Bust magazine for my resin bracelets. After this one feature I had so many orders I had to give 2 days notice at my job as a secretary. Anywhoodle awhile back I blogged about an episode I saw on 20/20 about luck. Today while perusing the internet I came across an article on Forbes called How They Got Their Big Break that I thought I would share. Somehow it reminds me of the Behind the Music I saw on Madonna where they were interviewing an old friend from the 80s. The girl was saying they would be getting ready to go to a dance club and while she was busy stuffing her purse with lip gloss and powder Madonna loaded herself down with business cards and promo tapes. Did you know Motely Crue used to spend their weekends before they were poplar cruising up and down sun set strip doing much the same thing, tooting their own horn and spreading their own gospel. I find all these things fascinating for some reason and thought you might too.

Also on Forbes check out the story on the top 25 Web Celebs. Perez Hilton is number 1 and I have to say I do read his blog daily. Ok sometimes more than once a day, but how else would I have known that Jamie Lynn Spears in all knocked up? I read Perez as I listen to NPR so I figure it evens each other out.

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  1. Tracey

    I had a friend when I was in college who wanted to be a disc jockey. She found out that the programming director of a local station DJed at a club every weekend. So every weekend we were at that club pestering him. She eventually got a job running recorded programs which long story short led to her being a real live DJ!


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