Shopping for Puppies and Bead Bloggers

I have had a very full long weekend I must say. Friday night I went to the wedding of my friends Joey and Erin. Instead of a first dance they had a first bowl. Yip the venue just randomly had 6 bowling lanes in the back. This makes the 6th wedding I have gone to this year, whoa it was the water. Saturday Chris and I woke up and went to see Courtney at Barkitechture. She had a booth set up selling doggie treats. We perused the dog houses and looked in the stores. We have been talking about getting a new dog on and off for over a year and lately we want one more and more. Lucy is getting old and she can not go on walks everyday like she used to so we take her every other day. On her off days she is getting bored and starting to eat things on the floor. Have you seen my studio lately? She got into the red drawer the other day which of course was on the floor like everything else and ate a vintage plastic doll and some adorable millinery birds that were going to go into crafty curios. Our logic is we will get her a new best friend, someone to play with and a new playmate for us as well. After Barkitechture we went over to Town Lake Animal Center and perused through the pooches. I had never been there before and it was really pretty depressing. This is a kill shelter here in Austin. Sure I want to support the rescue groups, but I could also save a dogs life going through the shelter. I would love to adopt a big dog, because Lucy was 75 pounds when we found her, but Lucy does not get along super well with big dogs. We either want a puppy or a teenager dog. They had some adorable old dogs that broke my heart since Lucy is old and gray. After the pound we went over to the SPCA and ended up oohing and ahhing over the kittens more than the dogs they had. They had a littler of puppies that was cute and a teenaged dog named Daisy that we were petty smitten on. However, Daisy was in a room with a couple when we wanted to play with her and the ladies looked pretty smitten on her so I knew she was going to a good home. We will probably go back next weekend and make the rounds again looking for a dream dog. I also put in word with some rescue groups. I’ll keep you posted. I love my logic of getting a puppy to tire out my 13 year old dog so she won’t chew on things and the new puppy will chew 20 times worse. Oh well. Today Karly, Jen A and I are headed out to Maker Faire to work in the swap-a-rama-lama-ding-dong. It’s going to be a long day, but should be pretty fun and I am looking forward to checking things out. I’m hoping to see some of my long distance crafty friends that work for Craft and Make magazines. I’ll try and take pictures to post. So with this I leave you with this week’s bead blogger links….

Art Bead Scene
Several of the editors at Art Bead Scene have been collaborating on exciting challenges with other artists. Check out what happens when three sets of art beads artists are given to three different artists.

Bead Arts
Cyndi explores how to use wire crochet to give new life to some moonstone nuggets.

Jewelry and Beading
Even more fun than growing your pumpkin, you can make your own pumpkin beads with a little know-how from the Jewelry and Beading Blog.

Katie’s Beading Blog
Have you heard about the public television show Beads, Baubles & Jewels? Now you can watch Katie’s segments on your computer anytime.

Naughty Secretary Club
Look for a bracelet by Jen in a new series of Holiday Ads by Michaels. Can’t wait until then? Check out the Naughty Secretary Club blog to get a sneak peak at the Twinkle Charm Bracelet and how-to instructions.

Robin talks about what it is to work with Tim Holtz in prepping for Ranger U and she provides his fun link for Grungeboard(tm).

Snap out of it Jean! There’s beading to be done!
Jean’s third shot at spiral seed beading is fun!, with its butterfly clasp and its colorful Swarovski bicones sparkling like crazy on a deep background of emerald and sapphire!

The Impatient Blogger
Sometimes we make wonderful things and sometimes we make a whole lot of crap. Fret not! Join Margot as she shares her crafty mishaps and encourages you to make glorious mistakes! (Warning: This post is rated P for Potty Mouth Syndrome!)

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