These chucks are made for walking.

I have walked more today than I have all month. Seriously.

First thing this morning I wrote business emails. It was a real party. I talked to my book agent about my jewelry book and the Austin Craft Mafia book. Then I watched a bit of TV and relaxed.

My afternoon started out by meeting Lisa in Pasadena (Lisa is my producer who also happens to double as my friend) we went for very cheap tacos for lunch then to Huntington Gardens. It was a really cool botanical garden and they had more succulents than you can shake a stick at. Back before I was a busy business woman I used to be really into plants. I collected succulents, and still have lots. I also collected herbs, especially basil. I had Thai, Lemon, Pineapple all kinds of basil. Chris and I once even had a vegetable garden at our old house. We grew all kinds of stuff: tomatoes, peppers, beans, zucchini. Oh those days are over sadly. Although I did feel inspired to do a bit of landscaping when I get back to Austin.

Afterwards on my way home I stopped at a good antique mall where I scored a few treasures to rework for Naughty Secretary Club.

I was just about to order room service for dinner and call it a night when I saw that a guest on my show Sonya Nimiri had called me. I went and met her at her apartment in Santa Monica. We went out for yummy Mexican food and a margarita. Then we walked around 3rd street promenade and out onto the Santa Monica Pier. We finished things up with some gelato (I had lemon/raspberry Sonya had Nutella). We chatted about crafting and book proposals. Now I am back at the hotel and very sleepy.

Last night I was also in Pasadena having dinner with the owner of the production company I am working for Joel, his wife, Lisa and her boy toy. We went for a lovely steak dinner. Hella nice people to work for I have to say. Speaking of working only 16 more episodes of Craft Lab to shoot! My mom gets here Wednesday and is going to be shooting an episode with me on Friday so that should be totally fun.

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