Sorry I have been MIA.

Thanks Melynda Lotven for the picture!

So I am not so good at this daily blog thing. I have been busy what can I say.
The show has been trucking along, chris has been to visit, I’ve spent a weekend with a hosting coach and then there was a trip back to Austin which actually got cancelled. Excuses, excuses, excuses.

I had such a good time with Chris here last weekend. He arrived on Friday night. Sadly I had to go see a hosting coach on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. It was helpful and the people in my class were really nice. While I was sitting in a dark office Chris got to go around to Rosco’s Waffles and Chicken and Amoeba Music. After class I met Chris back at the hotel and he and I went to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery for Cinespia to see Bringing Up Baby. It was really fun except for the fact that since we were running late we did not have a chance to get food or a blanket. Oh well. Afterwards we went to Formosa for dinner.

Sunday more class for me and it was Chris’s birthday. He went to Santa Monica in the morning and I got out early so he and I went to Venice. We had lunch on Abbot Kinney and walked around to all the shops. We of course walked around by the beach and saw people roller skating, skate boarding, break dancing, singing, you name it. The best part was some 70 year old guy in a banana hammock up on stage at Muscle Beach flexing his peck’s to Nelly’ “It’s Getting Hot in Here”. That night we went back to Burbank early and hit Gordon Biersch.

Monday I had to film and Chris spent the day at the studio watching me film episodes of Craft Lab. I think he had a good time and everyone working on the show loved him. I filmed 3 episodes about things like encaustic wax painting. Which is really cool by the way. Oh and I had a guest named Bethany Mann who I want to mention in particular who gave me an awesome T-shirt that says Crafty on it and glass ring that totally rawks my world. I ended up wearing the T-shirt on my last episode of that day as well as on all the promos I did for DIY. Check out her site Bitter Betty. Local dinner that night for Chris and I as well. We went to the Market City Cafe which was not very good.

Tuesday I had the day off again. Chris and I went down to Silver Lake/Los Feliz area and walked around and I took him for brunch at Fred 62 because I think their bacon is so dreamy. Speaking of bacon since my pig purse is already tearing up I went ahead and got another one along with a panda bear model. Chris and I drove around Hollywood Boulevard people watching. Shopped at Jet Rag and then headed back to Santa Monica where I had one more bit of class. After class Chris and I went to The Grove. This is a big outdoor mall thing. I think we managed to miss the cool part of The Grove which is the farmers market. There is a store in The Grove called Duck Soup that carries my jewelry so we wanted to check it out. Afterwards Chris and I went down to the La Brea Tar Pits. Chris loves this really bad movie called Miracle Mile and at the end of the flick they land in the tar pits so he wanted to go check it out. They were actually really cool. After that he and went to the other Duck Soup where we were meeting up with Sam and Bob the buyers. These guys were super nice and interesting. The 4 of us went to dinner in Venice and then went for a drive over the canals. Pretty cool.

The next morning Chris left early and my work week started up again. There was the hurricane issue all week. I was supposed to fly back to Austin last night for the weekend to be in town for the Austin City Limits music festival. Well I was afraid the show was going to get rained out and my producers were afraid that I would get stuck in Texas and not be able to get a flight back so the trip got cancelled. Honestly I am so tired I was not too disappointed. Sure I am sad I can not be there working the Austin Craft Mafia booth with Amy and Tina, but oh well. Hope, Chris and my friend Bea are helping me work the booth this weekend. Of course the hurricane shifted and I think the weather there is fine and sells are going swimmingly. I wish I had had time to make more jewelry for the event, but it just didn’t happen with me getting ready to come out to Los Angeles at the last minute in August. I had been planning to make stuff all this month and being trapped in a hotel in Burbank that just has not happened.

Since I did not go home last night, clearly I went for drinks after work instead. Yesterday was a little different day on the job. See on Craft Lab I am the host.
However, I have a “Crafty Correspondent” named Cat Greenleaf. Every episode there is like a 2 minute crafts on the streets of New York segment. Well Cat made real life little in studio appearances on all 3 episodes I shot yesterday. I had never met her in person and she seemed really nice and sweet. The other reason she was in town is because people from DIY/Scripts were there taking publicity pictures of us. After a million pictures getting taken it was time for a night out on the town in Burbank. We hit the Whiskey Bend. Peeps from work like both Nicoles, Andrew, Kate and Lisa came. The guys from Tennessee came with too Dugan, Stewart and Jack. They were totally awesome and there was Karaoke involved. Lisa, Nicole White and I sang The Doobie Brother’s “What a Fool Believes” We couldn’t keep the boys off the stage. Whoa it was a long night and I woke up today at noon with a touch of a head ache.

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