Putting possibly sharp hot objects in your mouth is all in a day’s work.

First day back on the job after a long weekend is always a wee bit hard. Actually not that hard. I had 3 guests today that rawked.

My first guest on today’s show was a fellow spunky red headed Texan named Michelle Charles. We made an adorable canvas treasure box with a circus theme. She is very tricky and used the back side of small ready made canvases as her shadow box. The Texas bond alone made the show for me. She is from Fort Worth which is not that far from my home town of McKinney, TX.

Second was Hillari Ford from Expressions magazine who was a delightful little lass. We made a really cool mirror with crayons as a batik. Reminded me of when you were a kid and you would color a sheet of paper with crayons and then cover it with black crayon and scratch in your image. Only we used black paint and crumpled the paper. Made me think about a project I have stirring in the back of my mind to put crayon shavings between sheets of laminating paper and then running it through the machine to melt it. I would be totally cool. I was all happy and flattered that when I gave Hilari my card she was a fan of Naughty Secretary Club. “They like me, they really like me”, ok enough Sally Fields.

My third guest on Craft Lab today was Chad Pitts and he and I made a glass turtle. I was a wee bit weary about this project since it involved fire, torches, gas tanks, me putting my mouth to hot glass instruments and more. It all worked out fine and the show looked totally awesome. Plus I scored an awesome free bead. I hear people were actually watching our show on the monitors rather than the guests on Q TV doing their best Meg Ryan faux climax noises from “When Harry Met Sally”. If we can captivate watchers over that then we have a good thing going. The whole fire thing weireded me out a bit, but I was a trooper as far as I’m concerned. My dad was always such a paranoid fire person that I am still afraid to burn candles in my house. Then once when I worked at this dry cleaners in college I flicked my cigarette butt in a dumpster behind the building like an idiot that had empty paint cans in it and almost burned the joint down. So ya I have a touch of the fire phobia.

After the show Lisa, Kate, Steve, Vickie, Tracy, Chad and I all went to eat at the daily grill here in the hotel. Lisa, Kate and Steve all work on the show. Chad is the one who taught me how to make glass in a Patrick Swayze/Demi Moore “ghost” pottery scene kind of way today and Tracy is on two shows tomorrow. Oh and hell you know Vickie.

Now after long conflabs with Chris on the phone about his trip here this weekend, new band dramas, orders for Fred Flare and more I am listening to Rooney and typing to you. Actually I am off to read my 4 scripts tomorrow and hit the potato sack.

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